Waze integrates with Audible: listen to audiobooks while driving

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Waze integrates with Audible: listen to audiobooks while driving 1

Waze is one of the driving apps most popular in Spain. The application is known for its user community, which allows it to be kept up to date at all times and to report live on road problems. This app was recently integrated with Amazon Music, allowing you to go listen to music while driving.

Your collaboration with Amazon services continues, because Waze announced to integrate with Audible. This is the audiobook and podcast service owned by Amazon. Thanks to this integration you will be able to listen to podcasts or audiobooks while you drive.

Waze integrates with Audible

Waze + Audible

In order to enjoy these audiobooks and podcasts, we will have to have Audible installed on our smartphone Android too. Inside Waze an Audible icon will be displayed, so that we can then play those contents directly. The application has a wide selection with more than 600,000 audiobooks, podcasts and other audio programs.

Thanks to this integration, we will not be able to listen to only music while driving. Until now, the driving application was already integrated with various services like Spotify, Deezer or Amazon Music. This integration expands the amount of content that we can listen to when driving.

The integration works in the same way as with the other applications. Inside Waze you have to go to the music icon and in the list of options, select Audible as the application to use. When it has been activated, it will be possible to drive while listening to the contents of this application, be it your audiobooks or podcasts. So you can be entertained while driving, especially if you don’t feel like listening to music.

This integration is officially launched both on Android and iOS. You will only need to install Audible on your phone, so that you will be able to choose it in the list within Waze. A good way to make your trips more entertaining thanks to its huge selection of audiobooks and podcasts.

The Waze input integrates with Audible: listen to audiobooks while driving appears first in The Free Android.