Waylet, the Repsol app with which you can pay and save money

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Large companies are developing their own payment apps to make it easier for their customers to contract services, as well as payments or online purchases. The oil company Repsol, a benchmark in our country, has launched its own application free so that all your customers have access to a lot of discounts over the phone, to pay in a simpler way and to a series of advantages that we will tell you about below.

What is Waylet

As we said, Repsol has made shopping at its gas stations and electric vehicle recharging points as easy as possible through this application. Since its launch, it has been so successful that it already has more than two million users in all Spain. Of course, as you can imagine, you can only benefit from it at the Repsol Group points of sale.

The app allows customers of the famous oil company to buy products and services at all the group’s points of sale, from paying for the gasoline for their vehicle to making purchases in its cafeterias and supermarkets. Beyond saving time and money and its promotions, it also has a Repsol station search service, calculation of the route to your destination and offers you points of interest and cultural activities in the place where you are.

You can pay in its more than 3,200 service stations, as well as in more than 4,300 shops catering, shopping or leisure, among other categories. It is also valid in almost 400 group centers The English Court and of course, in their 139 electric recharge locations. Plus, your customers have exclusive access to tons of offers and promotions to save a little money.

Creating an account

waylet start

The application has very easy minimum requirements to meet. It is available for both Android What iOS, and it will be necessary to have access to the Internet. As of April Waylet, the first thing it will ask us for is our personal data. You can register through Google Y Facebook to streamline the process. Next we must enter a payment method. They can be credit, debit or prepaid cards, and we must be the cardholder to use it. Finally, we can make use of it from the age of 14.

As soon as you sign up, you can enjoy a welcome promotion for the first six months. During this time, you will have a discount of 3 cents per liter refueling at its different refueling points, as long as you make the payment through Waylet.

Once we have registered and everything is configured, we will have our Waylet account ready to use. From here, we can already pay for products, manage operations and accumulate points to obtain discounts and promotions. All receipts are stored in the app itself, so we can control and check all the purchases we make at any time.

How to pay with Waylet

pay waylet

You will not have privacy problems and your data will not be in danger. The payment system offered by the app is very secure, since purchases are made through QR codes and, in addition, it will ask you to authenticate through two-step verification. The user has three payment methods:

  • The first is the most conventional, and is to pay directly at the cash desk showing your mobile to process the payment of the products you have chosen. Look for the button To pay, located in the lower menu of the app. On the next screen, press the option Pay at the cash register and show your cell phone at the counter. Finally, confirm the purchase by entering the Security PIN that you requested when you registered.
  • The second is the most convenient and popular, and is to pay through a service called Way & Go. To do this, you will have to scan the products you want and, later, you will have to go to one of the Way & Go payment points in the physical store and scan your QR code to make the purchase.
  • The third is still quite limited. Some pumps have a special payment system that allows you to pay the amount of gasoline from your mobile without having to get out of the car.

At the moment, Way & Go is only available in the Repsol On stores and at the service stations located at Calle Alberto Aguilera nº9 in Madrid and Calle Ugaldebieta on the right side of Vizcaya. On the other hand, you can also find it at the SuperCor Stop & Go stations and at the service stations of Paseo Santa María de la Cabeza No. 18 in Madrid and Avenida del Primat Reig 76 in Valencia.

Points, levels and promotions

waylet levels

Every time you make a payment, you will accumulate points or waylets which will be added to your account balance. These can be obtained both at Repsol group points of sale and at all its associated stores (these will be identified with the € symbol). As you shop and accumulate waylets, you will level up and access greater savings. There are four different user levels:

  • Bronze level: This is the most basic level, and you will have the basic advantages.
  • Silver level: is achieved when you accumulate 500 waylets and you will accumulate an extra 10% discount when paying from the app.
  • Gold level: is achieved when you accumulate 1500 waylets and you will accumulate an extra 25% discount when paying. You will also unlock a coupon to wash your vehicle.
  • Platinum Level: is achieved when you accumulate 2000 waylets and you will accumulate an extra 50% discount when paying. They will give you a coupon of € 5 in fuel, in addition to having access to exclusive offers and promotions.

Discounts and promotions with other companies

Waylet offers a bunch of additional discount coupons so you can get the most out of their services. By inviting a friend and they register, you will get a coupon for € 3 off fuel, although they are only valid for supplies over € 20 at Repsol service stations. You can also invite a business or store to join the Waylet network. If this is registered, you will receive € 30 of balance for your account.

The English Court it also offers different compensations. They will give you a € 5 discount at Repsol stations for purchases over € 50 at any of their shopping centers. On the other hand, if you make purchases over € 30 at any of the group’s stations, you will have a € 5 discount at El Corte Inglés.

Finally, if we hire the Repsol electricity and gas service, we will get very interesting discounts. When you sign up, you will get a fuel discount depending on the number of electricity, gas and service contracts you request. In addition, you will get a greater discount on Diesel e + 10 and Efitect 98 fuels. In addition, you can get up to € 150 off at Waylet. Finally, if you recommend this service to your friends (you can invite a total of 7) and one of them hires it, you will get € 40 as a gift, and can go up to 280 if they all hire it.