Wave of folding mobiles: Samsung will manufacture screens for Xiaomi, Oppo and Google

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In Spain there are several brands that have folding mobile phones in their highest range, such as Motorola, Huawei and Samsung. The latter has already released several models and beyond keeping its screen technology for its own mobiles, it will begin to manufacture folding screens for other brands.

According to the Korean medium The Elec, Samsung’s screen division would be creating folding screens for several mobile manufacturers, among which would be Oppo, Xiaomi and Google itself.

Samsung will manufacture folding panels for Oppo, Xiaomi and Google

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Although Samsung has taken a clear lead in the folding market and the company prefers to reserve its best innovations for its own mobile division, Samsung Display is a manufacturer of screens independent from the mobile division and open to any buyer, and even more so if they are large manufacturers willing to buy hundreds of thousands of panels.

On this occasion, the company would be creating folding panels for Oppo, Xiaomi and Google on mobiles that should arrive during this year. The characteristics of these screens would be the following:

  • Oppoit would use a panel with a diagonal of 7.7 inches, which would follow a clamshell design like the Galaxy Z Flip, being noticeably larger. Said mobile would incorporate an external screen of 1.5 – 2 inches for notifications, so it would be designed to be used as a tablet most of the time.
    • As additional data, Oppo worked during 2020 with Samsung, BOE and Visionox, but it seems that in 2021 they will work exclusively with Samsung.
  • XiaomiIt had already shown some prototypes developed with Visionox, but its folding seems that it will finally use Samsung screens. The company will bet on a design similar to the Z Fold 2, with an internal 8.03-inch folding panel. The external screen would be 6.38.
    • Unlike Oppo, the Xiaomi panel would be manufactured by both Samsung and CSOT, the company responsible for manufacturing the folding screens of the Motorola Razr.
  • Googleit would be the one that would have the smallest folding, with a 7.6-inch panel.

Wave of folding mobiles: Samsung will manufacture screens for Xiaomi, Oppo and Google 1

Google’s interest in folding screens is the one that would attract our attention the most. Despite the fact that none of the company’s mobiles has turned out to be a best seller, as it is the company that leads the development of Android needs to be in the forefront of any key developments. Currently the company collaborates with Samsung, but having their own mobile should help them work on an experience designed from scratch. Still, no company dislikes selling, and Google will surely seize the opportunity.

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