Was not dead: Instagram redesign the app IGTV and puts the focus on discovering new content

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Instagram began as a platform to publish photos taken with our smartphone and apply filters, but year-to-year the video has been taking a greater role.

An important step marked the arrival of IGTV, a app independent in that you can publish video with more than sixty seconds in length. Instagram ended up integrating this functionality within the social network, and it seemed that the app IGTV was somewhat forgotten.

That’s why surprise that Instagram has released an update for the app IGTV, a movement that many of us have caught a bit by surprise. There are No official figures, but if we go to the App Store we will see that the official mobile app of Instagram has more than a million reviews, while the app IGTV exceeds timidly 1000 ratings.

Instagram has declared to The Verge that “IGTV is the future of video”and that is why they are trying to offer people new content. In addition, make sure that the key is to get those viewers to return, a key element for the creators to succeed.

Recommendations and the power of the algorithm

A few hours ago, the company announced an update to the app IGTV, which incorporates a major redesign, and contend that it is intended to focus attention on the creators of content.

Upon entering we find a new tab named as “Discover”, in which you can find all of the new content and find content from people that still don’t follow.

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In this way, Instagram seeks to open a little more the circle and find interesting content that may not be on your radar “close” (a bit like what you can find on the front page of YouTube and its system of recommendations).

In the upper part of the feed will appear an account that could perhaps interest you, and here is when enters in game the algorithm (the recommendations that appear will be based on your interests or the people you follow).

In addition, the app IGTV now also allows the capture video with the “hands-free”so we’ll just have to press the button located in the upper left corner to start recording. The videos can be edited directly and then upload them to the app without using the native app on the device.

The official mobile app of Instagram also incorporates new features with respect to IGTV

They have also incorporated a small change to the official mobile app of Instagram, and from now on users will be able to publish content from IGTV in their stories. Instead of popping a frozen frame will play 15 seconds of content.

Instagram still betting big on video contentbut you have a competition increasingly tough. On the one hand, the hegemony of absolute YouTube, while on mobile devices TikTok it is a phenomenon that (for the moment) seems to not go out of style.

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Was not dead: Instagram redesign the app IGTV and puts the focus on discovering new content

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Was not dead: Instagram redesign the app IGTV and puts the focus on discovering new content 1