VPN to browse servers abroad with Android

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It may seem that this app is not very useful thanks to the globalization of all the applications and services that we can use on Android phones. However, due to the functions and the uses it can have, we are going to verify that it is a really interesting tool.

What functions do we have in VPN Surfshark

To know if it is useful or not, an aspect of interest for users is that it has many functions available, which makes its use highly recommended. Without being a spoiler, the truth is that this app has tools that make the experience of using this VPN positive, in addition to going one step beyond the typical functions that other options on the market offer us. We are going to highlight some of the functions that we have available in Surfshark in this analysis:

Cut-off switch or kill Switch

What is Kill Switch? It is a function that appears in the lower tab of the main screen. Its purpose is purely for security, since it disconnects you from the Internet if the connection to the VPN is lost to protect your sensitive data at all times.

Thus, with that switch activated, the app autonomously ‘pulls the cable’ so that our data such as the location and the IP address do not remain stored in that place while we recover the VPN connection. Also, in the section ”Setting” We can establish a native Kill Switch on Android as an alternative to the one that the app itself has, for greater security.


This function keeps the phone protected, not in the sense of data protection, but in the fight against cyber attacks such as tracker ads, malware that can send spam or viruses to the terminal, or any phishing attempt to try ‘ fishing ‘our personal data by clicking on supposedly official links. Therefore, this element allows us to navigate free of threats and without problems.


This function is closely related to that of Kill Switch. It allows us to select the applications to which you can connect using the VPN, to be able to navigate or have access to them at all times. Likewise, we leave selected the apps that we want Kill Switch to affect while it is activated, so if we disconnect from the internet, they will also be deactivated from the VPN. You can configure this in the aforementioned section whenever and however you want.

vpn surfshark functions

Unlimited devices

VPN Surfshark allows you to connect as many devices as you want to one account. In this way, you do not need to log out, since an unlimited number of simultaneous connections is allowed. In addition, it is not monitored at any time or a log of activity or connection is saved at any time, so these devices can enter and exit the account as many times as they want.

End-to-end encryption

One of the key functions of the service so that it can be used in complete safety. In this end-to-end encryption, the most complete methods are used, so that user data is protected at all times. IPsec / IKEv2 data is protected with modern codes.

These are practically all the options that VPN Surfshark has and that we have available from the app, which undoubtedly present a series of facilities that give way to using it with total security and peace of mind. One of the problems that several VPNs have is that they are very limited geographically, with few countries to transfer the connection to.

This is not the case with Surfshark, as this VPN has more than 1040 servers. Mover 61 countries Distributed in 6 continents, lor that allows us to choose at all times when we have to see content that is blocked in certain areas. We will never have problems with this VPN to see the content that interests us the most.

Uses of a VPN connection on mobiles

And what is the use of having a VPN with all these resources then? This is what many skeptics will ask. Both Surfshark and other options on the market, but especially Surfshark, will allow the development of internet connections in various areas that we are going to describe.


The most obvious use of a VPN connection is interconnectivity in networks that are not physically connected, such as workers who are currently out of the office or companies with branches in several cities that need access to a single private network.

vpn surfshark countries

Avoid censorship and geoblocks of content

When connecting with VPN, your device communicates with the VPN server, and it is this one that talks to the Internet. If you are in Spain and the VPN server is in the United States, generally the web servers will believe that you are browsing from this country, allowing you to access the content available only there, such as Netflix or everything that Google Play contains.

Extra layer of security

Although it is not strictly necessary, it is common for VPN connections to be accompanied by a encryption of the packets that are transmitted with them, so it is normal to hear the recommendation that, if you need to connect to a public Wi-Fi access point to carry out bureaucratic procedures or simply to access the bank account, at least use te connect with a VPN.

P2P Downloads

Another common use, although in a declining proportion, of the VPN connections is in the P2P downloads, which in these times is generally synonymous with downloading from BitTorrent. Before you put an eye patch on me, a peg leg and force me to go through the keel, VPN connections also have uses in P2P download, even if you go down torrents completely legal.

How to download its APK on your Android

We can find the official application from Google Play, there is no doubt about that. However, if we do it from its official website, we can have more at hand all the information that we have exposed to corroborate it, screenshots to provide visual content, settings to get the most out of it, as well as a direct link to both the mobile app and the computer program. To install on Android, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the Surfshark website so you can download Surfshark VPN APK.
  • Once there, click on << Download APK >>
  • You will see that it starts downloading an external executable file for Android.

vpn surfshark download

  • Remember to activate the option “Unknown sources” so that the system allows the installation.
  • When finished, a pop-up window will appear to install the application.
  • From there, you are all set to create an account and use the service.