Vodafone breakdown, fixed and mobile network problems throughout Italy

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Users across Italy report various types of breakdowns: on Twitter, the hashtag #vodafonedown is one of the main trending topics.

After the problems with the channels Heaven, even users Vodafone they had to deal with a malfunction that took the telephone company network out of service, both fixed and mobile. In the place DownDetector, which offers an overview of the status information and interruptions of telephone services and more, it is possible to see the map of Italy with the areas most affected by the technical problem today, Thursday, June 13.

52% of the complaints received by users refer to Internet-related breakdowns and come mainly from large cities, starting with Milan, Rome, Turin, Naples and Bologna. Upon Twitter the hashtag #vodafonedown it is one of the main trending topics. After a few hours of blackout Vodafone has announced that it has fixed the failure technical which caused the malfunction.


Vodafone below, the Codacons: “The company recognizes the compensation automatically”

“Immediate automatic compensation in favor of the users involved in the damage”: the Codacons, after the malfunctions of the Vodafone network that are affecting both the fixed and mobile networks throughout Italy.

“Thousands of users cannot use telephone services or surf the Internet due to the Vodafone blackout,” explains President Carlo Rienzi. An inconvenience that can become a real damage for those who use a landline or mobile phone for work or business. For this reason, we formally invite Vodafone to pay its customers involved in the damage direct compensation, through cash bonuses on telephone accounts and rechargeable cards, proportional to the time in which the fixed and mobile network was unusable or worked in fits and starts “.