Vivaldi browser updates with QR reader, page actions and more

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Vivaldi browser updates with QR reader, page actions and more 1

Vivaldi is a browser that continues to gain presence among Android users in Spain. This browser has become a very versatile option, which continues to improve with each update, having improved privacy in previous ones. The first update of the year for the browser is here, introducing a number of new features.

In this new update, Vivaldi introduces some improvements that will make it an even more powerful competitor for browsers like Google Chrome. A QR code reader arrives, it is compatible with download managers and allows a greater organization of favorites, among other improvements.

The Vivaldi browser keeps getting better

Vivaldi actions on pages

Vivaldi leaves us with the Actions on the page (Page actions in English). This function is a code inspector that will allow you to modify the appearance of a web page by turning bookmarks on or off. It is a similar function to using Inspect in the desktop browser. It will allow any user to adapt the appearance of a newly loaded page, simply by activating or deactivating those selectors, accessible from the menu.

The QR code reader It is another of the great novelties in the browser. Enter the icon in the search bar, making it possible for us to scan one directly and thus have that website open in the browser, be it a store or to order in a bar or restaurant, for example.

Vivaldi QR reader

The new version of Vivaldi also introduces support for external download managers. Another installed browser can be used to manage file downloads. In the Downloads section within the settings you can choose the desired option in this case for efficient management of browser downloads.

Vivaldi external download manager

The new version of the browser has started and its deployment in the Google Play Store, although it may not yet be available to all users. In the next few hours it should become available more widely. If you don’t want to wait to try these new features, you can download its snapshot version.

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