Vivaldi browser improves your privacy in its latest update

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The Vivaldi browser released its stable version for Android users in Spain last April. Since then, various updates have been launched for it, introducing various new features, such as an ad blocker or a customizable address bar. The new version of the browser, with number 3.5, is already official.

Vivaldi browser version 3.5 focuses primarily on improving privacy. We find a series of new functions aimed at improving privacy, such as cleaning data when closing the browser on the phone, as well as improvements in notes and favorites.

Vivaldi improves your privacy

Vivaldi new privacy features

In this new version 3.5 of Vivaldi for Android the complete data cleaning when exiting the application. Users can select this option from the settings, so that the browser will delete all browsing records, data and cookies, in addition to emptying the cache completely and will also close any open tabs. You can choose if you want this to apply to all elements or not.

In addition, users who surf through a VPN they will also have more privacy. When the WebRTC transmission is deactivated, the web pages will never have access to the user’s real IP. In the browser settings, in the privacy section, it will be possible to deactivate this WebRTC transmission option.

The browser improves too using built-in notes and favorites. A series of filters are integrated with which users can more easily locate any of the notes and markers that have been saved in it. This will allow a much more comfortable use for users.

The new version of Vivaldi has already been launched in the Google Play Store for Android users, so you can download it now on your phone. A good update, with which you can navigate in a more private and secure way on your mobile.

Vivaldi browser improves your privacy in its latest update 1

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