Virgin Mobile comes to Spain in tests: so you can join us

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Virgin Mobile comes to Spain in tests: so you can join us 1

A few years ago it was very common to see birth of mobile operators in Spain. In the golden age of ace OMV had hundreds of them, but it was not sustainable. After a strong consolidation have been some of them, and many others have been acquired by the large.

The movement more relevant has been the growth of MasMovil, which has acquired brands like Yoigo or HappyMovil.

Today we have news of who will be the fifth major national carrier, Virgin Mobile, a brand well known abroad and is implemented in Spain of the hand of Euskaltel, that gives the jump to the national territory.

First rates of Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile comes to Spain in tests: so you can join us 2

It was thought that the carrier would offer its services throughout the month of march of 2020, but it seems that has been delayed, something that is not unlikely given the current situation.

Today we have the first news of the company, which is looking for users to test their rates. To do this gather a group that will be able to access a number of proposals to choose between rates of fiber and mobile. During six months these rates will be free, and then the user can choose to stay or to leave to another carrier.

  • Option 1: Internet 600 Mbps, fixed-line phone flat rate, TV with 80 channels and thematic with a decoder 4k and a mobile phone with Unlimited calls and 15gb of data. Maximum price: 68 euros per month.
  • Option 2: Internet 600 Mbps and a TV with 80 channels and thematic decoder 4k. Maximum price: 53 euros per month.

We can get additional mobile linesalso with 15 GB of data and unlimited calls, by 14 € per month. This option is also free for the first six months for users in trial period.

Then they can be from any part of national territory except Galicia, the Basque Country and Asturias, where it already has presence Euskaltel.

To hire and enter in the trial period you have to contact the person responsible for this phase, Jacobo Vidal Pascual.

The entrance to Virgin Mobile comes to Spain in tests: so you can register is listed first on The Android Free.