Venti banner, new missions and compensations

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It is a version highly anticipated by the entire community affiliated with this RPG, and like each new version, it comes loaded with more content to enjoy in the game. In addition, it also incorporates missions and temporary events that will make us stay glued to the screen for a few hours. The first thing to note is that the update entails a compensation to exchange 300 protogems and 60 for each hour that the servers are down, which is estimated to last about 5 hours of maintenance.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

Event ‘Flowers of the Wind Festival’

Each update brings with it a seasonal event, and this one was not going to be less. In addition, everything in Genshin Impact has a background and a why, thus explaining the reasons for all the content that comes to the game. The name given to the star event of this version 1.4 is Wind Flower Festival. This festival is said to have originated as a way of honoring the liberation of Mondstadt 2,600 years ago. However, today has become an ideal time to express love and enjoy all kinds of outdoor games.

what's new update 1.4 genshin impact

The Knights of Favonius and the Adventurer’s Guild will organize a series of minigames and challenges, which players can try alone or with friends, as well as tons of chest rewards including the exclusive items “Festival Commemorative Balloon”, “Lyre of the Breeze” and the new 4-star weapon «Ode to the Wind Flowers». In addition, we will have the opportunity to go out with Barbara, Noelle, Bennett and Chongyun, to discover a special story with many possible endings with each character. The best news is that these events will stay as part of the game after update.

On the other hand, in version 1.4, more clues about the Order of the Abyss and the lost twin of the Traveler will be revealed. If you continue the investigation with Dainsleif, you will find the powerful enemy Emissary of the Abyss and uncover the secret behind the first ever Ruin Guardian in the Stormterror’s Lair.

More details on Genshin Impact Update 1.4

Of course, this was not going to be all. If you remember, it was practically two months since Rosaria was found in Espinadragón. Well, you can find it again, being available as new playable four-star character. As many people know, he goes around Tevyat wielding a spear and with the strength of Cryo. Additionally, Rosaria pierces through and knocks back enemies with her spear, dealing Cryo damage.

Have been added new missions, world missions, enemies, bosses and more news, in addition to having corrected many errors and optimized the game system, both in solo mode and in cooperative. This Genshin Impact Update 1.4 will see the Venti’s return to the game banner, which will increase its appearance in wishes for those who could not get it on a first try. Unlike Zhongli or Xinyan, among others, it is the first banner of the game that will repeat appearance.

Also, during the Genshin Impact event Yes you accumulate 7 days of login in the game, you can get other rewards. As a requirement, you must have a level 5 in Adventure Rank, thus leaving the following trail of rewards per day:

  • Day 1: Hero’s Wit × 3
  • Day 2: Recipe book: Flavors of other worlds × 1
  • Day 3: Protogem × 100
  • Day 4: Blackberry × 50,000
  • 5th day: Hero’s Ingenuity × 5
  • Day 6: Recipe: fried chicken × 1
  • Day 7: Protogem × 200

All of these events and rewards, with the exception of a few that we have mentioned, have an expiration date. In this way, all that content related to update 1.4 will be available from the March 17 until next April 6.