Useful flags to improve your navigation in Google Chrome for Android

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Chrome flagsSurfing the Internet is one of the things that many users do the most with our phone, so it is important that the experience is simple and pleasant. So if you use the browser, we suggest some Google Chrome flags so that you have it to your liking.

First of all … What is a flag? A flag or flag (although it is customary to name it by the name in English) in programming it can be several things, but in this case, to put it simply, it is “hidden” code found in Google Chrome to add functions, some of they are developing or unstable, others are not.

Well, to access these flags we will have to open our Chrome browser and write in the address bar: chrome: // flags, there we can see all the flags that we can activate in Chrome.

In any case, we will give you direct links to the flags in particular, but perhaps by searching you will find one more that interests you.

New video player

The default Chrome media player is pretty basic. If you want something more modern with gestures like double tap to advance, rewind or pause and play.

Android Chrome Flag Video Player Controls

We can find this flag by searching enable-modern-media-controls in the search engine or by accessing the following URL: chrome: // flags / # enable-modern-media-controls

The contextual menu, in case you don’t know it, is the menu that appears when you select an image or a link with a long press. Its version on the desktop system is the right mouse click. And if you want to change it in Chrome to have one more modern and similar to a desktop system but adapted to mobiles, it is as easy as going to chrome: // flags / # enable-custom-context-menu and activate it.

Android Chrome Flag Dynamic Context Menu

Parallel discharge

This may sound a bit strange at first, but it can be really useful.

If you are used to downloading large files, this option will surely interest you. The parallel download consists in that Chrome opens several connections to download different parts of the same file to put them together at the end, so the download is faster.

The URL of this flag is: chrome: // flags / # enable-parallel-downloading


This option is very comfortable for those of you who open a lot of tabs while browsing. And it is a preview of the tab, if it is only to consult something quick, you take a look at it and continue on the page where you were, surely more than one makes good use of this flag.

Chrome flags sneek peek

The URL of this flag is: chrome: // flags / # enable-ephemeral-tab

Reading mode

The reading mode adapts the page so that it is much easier to read in it, if you activate it you can activate it for the pages I don’t answer (that is, they do not adapt to phones), activate it always, only in articles, etc. You have quite a few options, try what suits you best.

Chrome flags read mode

The URL of this flag is: chrome: // flags / # reader-mode-heuristics

Dark mode

We already talked about this at the time, and that is that there is a dark mode for Google Chrome, it does not have an excellent performance, but for specific moments it can be good for us.

To see how to activate it you can take a look at the post we made a few months ago on how to enable dark mode in Google Chrome.

Chrome Duet

Chrome Duet is a way that makes it easier to access your search tabs, since it places everything at the bottom of the screen. The screens of mobile phones are getting bigger and bigger, so this option can be great for more than one.

Chrome flags Chrome Duet

The URL of this flag is: chrome: // flags / # enable-chrome-duet

Mute tabs

Sometimes when you open a new tab or a new tab is suddenly opened it is quite annoying that they start playing sound. With this flag we can silence tabs with a simple button when they start to sound, a luxury.

The URL of this flag is: chrome: // flags / # sound-content-setting

And these are some of our recommendations. What do you think? Do you recommend any?