Update on Among Us integrating Discord and Twitch

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This update, which is about the version 2021.5.10, It is also focused on correcting various errors in the game, apart from the integration on both platforms. However, this is important news, as it is a pioneering feature that users have been asking for for a long time. This will greatly facilitate communication with the rest of the players and a better transmission of the game on the internet.

Among us
Among us

You can now stream on Twitch from within the game

A game as multiplayer as Among Us that now directly integrate streaming platforms Twitch and Discord is to take it into account. Especially if it can be done from the mobile with all the comfort in the world.

In the main menu of Among us on mobile the players will see a new button, “Start Streaming on Twitch”. If the streaming service and game accounts are linked, pressing that button will will start broadcasting the game live. To link accounts it is necessary that the user of Among us have an adult account.

Discord integration and more news

According to the Discord integration, the option also appears in the main menu, under the «Data» tab. Once integrated, when you are in the lobby, a Discord button next to the “private / public” button, both on Android and iOS as well as on PC. This button allows you to share a room code through Discord, both to mobile and PC players.

In the app chat a banner with a button to join directly upon departure. A powerful messaging application dedicated mainly to gaming that even recently implemented screen sharing via mobile. Apart from being able to stream to a specific channel, all the players who are watching it They can go to the game either from the PC or the same mobile via Discord. What makes this integration perfect.

The update also fixes numerous bugs. The most important, the one that caused sprites other players appear as pink polygons on Android devices. In addition, users no longer have to manually log in each time they open the app, the Airship cosmetic package should now appear smoothly once purchased, and the main screen no longer shows that the displayed language is North American English.

An enhanced experience to integrate with the two most popular gaming platforms today, so Among Us is renewed in the best of ways on Android. If you have it installed, do not delay in trying this new function so that any friend can jump from Discord to your game, or to broadcast live if you are an inveterate streamer of this game. It is already available, so it only remains to update Among Us on Google Play.