Update in Black Desert Mobile, Field of Valor returns

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Table of Contents

Black Desert Mobile is one of those games that you don’t know about until you discover that it is followed by millions of players. We wanted to give a vote of confidence to this MMORPG game that will sound a lot like titles like The Witcher: visually beautiful, with a variety of missions or tasks and a mystical touch.

Black Desert Mobile

Field of Valor returns in Black Desert Mobile update

Field of Valor is the central theme of this update, since it is a game format that was already present during other updates. To put it succinctly, it is a battlefield that you can enjoy with 5 other adventurers. You can team up with your friends or fellow Brotherhood and take part in a 30 minute battle against a wide variety of monsters.

black desert mobile field value

Adventurers will have to spend some tokens to be able to enter the battlefield. These tokens They can be achieved simply by accessing the game, through rewards that we will obtain by defeating enemies or through chests.

This game format is expected to be open for two weeks before disappearing once more. Still, that gives you plenty of time to earn a ton of rewards including weapons, armor, dimensional shards, nether grade crystals, and cron stones.

black desert mobile update

Field of Valor aside, there are other items that are quite remarkable, besides the routine balance changes. Another of the new elements in question is called Crystal dimension. It’s a new kind of crystal, unsurprisingly, that can apply a host of different buffs to your characters. This includes an improvement in his attack, defense and Black Spirit skill points.

Sales for Black Friday

This game also joins the sale car in commemoration of the popular Black friday. In its own way, we can also find unrepeatable offers if we want to take a leap in our progress of the MMORPG title.

Items in the pearl shop will have a discount of, no more, no less, up to 90%. That means we can get decorations, outfits and pets at a much reduced price than what it usually costs. The Black Desert Mobile update is now available in the Play Store, you just have to download the update of the game in the store.