Uninstall SHAREit from your mobile: the file sharing app is insecure

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Featured SHAREit

SHAREit is an application that many Android users in Spain have installed on their phones. It is one of the most popular apps to send large files between phones easily. Although the application is now in the news due to the security problems that have been discovered in it, which make it dangerous to have it installed.

The application has been found allows remote code execution without the user being aware of it. This makes the use of SHAREit on Android somewhat dangerous, since the user may lose control over their smartphone.

SHAREit allows remote code execution

Uninstall SHAREit from your mobile: the file sharing app is insecure 1

The security firm Trend Micro has been in charge of revealing the problems that exist in the popular application. It is possible run code remotely via SHAREit, allowing attackers to have control over the application. In addition, they can secretly install applications on the user’s device, without the user knowing what is happening.

The application allows those instructions that are sent remotely to generate activity within it, thus enabling the execution of instructions from other apps. In addition, they are endowed with permission to read and write to storage on the phone, even if those apps don’t have it. As the app does not protect external access, any attacker can use it as a way to introduce malware to an Android phone, it is even possible from a URL, according to security researchers.

Trend Micro contacted the SHAREit developers when they discovered this issue months ago. Those responsible for the app have not corrected these errors, which is why this report is made public. In fact, the most recent version of the application released February 8 is still unsafe and Google has also been informed, but the application is still available in the Play Store.

Because the application is still a danger, it is best to use an alternative, especially if you are looking to send large files between phones. It is not known if Google will remove it from the Play Store soon or if its creators will improve the security of the application.

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