Twitter would be working on a paid version, but they still have nothing clear

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Twitter finally adds completely dark mode to Android

Among the social networks with the largest presence in Spain, Twitter continues to be one of the most important. Although it is a network that does not have the same volume of users as other networks, having a high volume of people with great reputations means that it continues to be one of the reference networks when it comes to keeping us informed (to a greater or lesser extent) .

Today, the bulk of the company’s revenue comes from advertising, those ads in the form of promoted tweets that appear while we walk through ourtimeline. According to Bloomberg, the company is planning to incorporate payment functions within the platform.

Twitter considers a paid version, although at the moment they have nothing clear

Although Twitter’s growth is favorable, advertising revenue is not increasing at the pace of its direct rivals. For a company it is risky that your greatest source of profit does not evolve at a favorable rate, and therefore they would be looking for alternative sources of income.

What can Twitter offer beyond ads? Well, like many other applications, a monthly subscription model in which users pay to access exclusive features. In a world in which there seems to be a subscription for anything, it might seem like an easy task, but they are not at all clear about it.

Twitter would be working on a paid version, but they still have nothing clear 1

Beyond removing ads, an interesting feature but insufficiently attractive to encourage you to want to pay, internally they would be evaluating all kinds of ideas that can add value to users, ideas that several teams are currently working on.

Among the possible options, Tweetdeck could receive improved tools for subscribers, although they also value that users can pay others in exchange for exclusive content, offer advanced analytical tools or more personalization options. Too

Currently on Twitter they are being very cautious with their new monetization plans, and it is that in a product as consolidated as Twitter, a false step could be fatal.

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