Twitter stories are here: this is how the new fleets are

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The stories or stories are one of the characteristics that is becoming more important in the social networks available in Spain. Since Snapchat innovated in this regard, we have seen that every Facebook network copied it, and since then we have seen the format standardize, reaching almost any application, from YouTube to the blogs themselves.

Twitter is the latest social network to incorporate this type of format, and it has done so by calling them Fleets. After being introduced in March, the company is beginning to roll out this feature to everyone.

The Fleets reach Twitter, messages that self-destruct

The stories, messages that self-destruct 24 hours after their publication, have managed to be a revolution in social networks. The main reason for its success is related to the fact that, thanks to its temporary nature, they encourage many content that we want to share to be temporary and not haunt us years after its publication.

Twitter stories are here: this is how the new fleets are 1

The new Fleets are Twitter’s adaptation to these modern times. These appear on the back of the application and last 24 hours from the moment the author has published them. In them we can put a text, share a tweet, publish an image or a video. Once published, they will be available for a full day and we will have the possibility to see who has been able to see our Fleets.

The new Fleets begin to be available from today to everyone, requiring the official Twitter application for Android. In the case of using a third-party client (as for example, in my case) you will have to wait for Twitter to add the option to its API so that the developers can add it, although it is quite likely that it will not end up happening.

As usual, these deployments are made progressively, so it may take a few days to receive it.

Twitter stories are here: this is how the new fleets are 2


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