Twitter Spaces comes to Android: spaces to hold voice chats

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Twitter is introducing many new features, which little by little are reaching Spain. Waiting to be able to send private voice notes on the social network, a function that many Android users expected, it finally arrives. Spaces makes its entrance in the Android version of the social network, with the extension of the beta.

Twitter Spaces became official last December, as a new way to have conversations on the social network. This feature allows users to have live audio conversations, which are moderated by a host. Over the next few days, Android users will be able to enjoy this feature in the beta of the social network.

Twitter Spaces comes to Android

Twitter Spaces Android

Users will be able to join these conversations in the Android application of the social network. When you open the app, you will have to look in the purple aura on the Fleets line and press to join then. It also provides an additional way to join a conversation, which is through a link that someone shares with you, either in a private message or in a tweet.

Inside Twitter Spaces Android users they can use emojis to send reactions, in addition to seeing subtitles or receiving invitations to be able to speak in a specific space. In future updates, functions such as seeing who is in your space or being able to put a name or title to said space will be introduced, so that people have a context and thus decide whether or not they want to join it.

These Spaces were already launched on iOS A few weeks ago in a limited way and now also Android users, those who are part of the beta of the application, will be able to join to test these new spaces. They are currently in an initial phase, but as time passes more functions will be introduced.

Throughout the next few days Twitter for Android users can start testing Spaces. No dates have been given for its general release, but it will surely take a few months for it. To know more about how it works, you can go to its support page.

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