Twitter prepares a timer to delete sent tweets

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Twitter prepares a timer to delete sent tweets

After recently announcing his own payment model with subscriptions for $ 4.99 per month, Twitter continues to test new features and functions. Many of them are inspired by other social networks, as we saw with the arrivals of the fleets, clearly “inherited” from Instagram stories.

Currently, we know that you are experimenting with the possibility of including voice notes in DMs -like WhatsApp-, but also, it seems that it is preparing a new function that it would allow us to cancel the sending of a tweet in a given time.

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A show for regrets

Once again, it has been the engineer Jane Manchun Wong, known for anticipating future features that we later end up seeing in the different operating systems or on social networks, who Has published on his Twitter profile the message “Twitter is working on the ‘Undo send’ timer of tweets “accompanied by a GIF that shows us what it would be like.

That is, in the event that we regret a tweet as soon as we send it (because it has an error, we want to expand it or we have simply thought better of it), Twitter would give us a certain time to undo shipping. As we see in the GIF, when publishing the tweet, the “Undo” button appears and a timer of a few seconds is activated so that we can decide if the tweet is finally sent or not.

This timer function is probably familiar to you because is already present in other applications. Gmail, for example, has a similar option that allows undo the sending of an email for a certain period of time. And Telegram also activates a 5 second countdown when we delete a chat with a contact.

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Twitter prepares a timer to delete sent tweets

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