Twitter for Android now allows you to upload photos in maximum resolution

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Twitter for Android now allows you to upload photos in maximum resolution 1

Twitter users in Spain know that when uploading photos on the social network, these photos are compressed. If you upload a photo that you have taken with a professional camera or with a good phone, the quality of that image will be significantly reduced when it is published on the social network. Luckily, a solution came to the application a couple of months ago.

The possibility of upload photos in high resolution (4K) On twitter. This function was already available for users of the app on iOS and finally it is also launched for users of the social network on Android in the new beta of the social network, which can now be downloaded.

Upload 4K photos to your Twitter account

Twitter Android photos 4K

In the new Twitter beta, with number 8.76, you can already see photos in 4K, as well as upload them. It is somewhat different from the way it has been implemented in the app on iOS, since in this case the option to upload a photo in 4K is located in the three-point menu that you see after opening the photo. If you download this beta on your phone, you can start using this feature in your account now.

Not only can you view the photos in 4K on the social network, but they can also be uploaded to your account. This is a function that is located within the configuration of the social network, in the Data Use section. There you will see that there is an option to upload photos in high resolution, which will then allow you to choose when you want to upload those photos in maximum resolution (using WiFi or mobile data).

Twitter upload 4K photos

Once this option is activated in your account, you will only have to upload a photo of more than 8.3 MP, 4K resolution, so that it will be shown in that way on Twitter. This is something that you can do with practically any smartphone today, so you will have no problem taking 4K photos on your Android mobile.

This function makes its entry into the new beta of the social network on Android. It is not known when it will reach the stable version, but it seems that we will not have to wait too long until it becomes official.

The Twitter entry for Android already allows you to upload photos in maximum resolution, it appears first in The Free Android.