Twitter closer to a messaging app: enter private voice memos

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Twitter is one of the most popular social networks in Spain. In recent months, some new features have been introduced in the app, such as being able to upload photos in maximum resolution. The application now starts the tests with its new function: send voice memos via direct message. A test that is carried out in a few countries on a limited basis.

Twitter has already introduced functions such as Spaces, where users can send audios. Now they go one step further with these private voice memos, an experiment that are being carried out in India, Brazil and Japan, before it is released in more countries.

Twitter introduces private voice memos

These private voice memos allow users to communicate more directly and quickly with other people. A function that we already know in messaging applications and that is now incorporated into Twitter. People can send a voice note, which the other person can play in the app, within private messages, in the conversation.

In order to send a voice note, you must enter the direct messages that you have with someone. Inside there there is an audio icon to click, which will allow you to start recording that voice memo. When you press that audio button again it will stop recording and then you will be allowed to send that note. The social network also allows you to listen to that recording before sending it, in case you want to record it again or to check that everything is fine.

Twitter voice notes

The operation of these voice notes is identical to that of messaging applications, only now in the social network. At the moment it is a test that is limited to three countries, waiting to be expanded to more. Although so far Twitter’s plans with this feature are unknown. It is not known if it will remain in an experiment or if they will be launched in more countries in a few months.

Twitter closer to a messaging app: enter private voice memos 1

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