TuLotero, the lottery app, officially arrives on Google Play

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Google kept, until a few months ago, the doors closed for any lottery app in Spain and other countries. However, this has changed in 2021 and after the entry into force of the new Policies of the Developer Program: Gambling Games, Games and Contests with Money, this has changed and in the official Android app store we can now download one of the better, TuLotero, without having to resort to installing an external APK.

In the market since 2014, until now you could only download the Lite version on Google Play, but now we already have the full version, which can also be found in the App Store for iOS and in the Huawei App Gallery.

TuLotero: Buy EuroMillions Primitiva Bonoloto
TuLotero: Buy EuroMillions Primitiva Bonoloto

Greater safety for the user

That among this category of apps on Google Play means greater security for the user. Those of Mountain View thus give their seal of guarantee to apps that, as in the case of TuLotero, they met all the standards and security for online gaming but were forced to be outside the Android store. Not surprisingly, at its launch it was placed in the Top 6 in the general ranking of most downloaded applications and in the Top 2 in entertainment, with an average of 4.8 (out of 5) and numerous positive comments from users.

mobile phone in hand with tulotero app

What does TuLotero offer?

In essence, it is a platform, both for mobile and computer, from which to buy tickets for different lotteries and State Betting draws. It is 100% safe, since they are processed by the more than 500 official associated administrations.

It is as if we could go to any of them to buy our tickets, without commissions and without extra expenses. Also, coupons will never be lost since they are associated with your phone number. If you are the winner, you collect the prize instantly in your bank account, being possible to keep total anonymity of the player.

girl with mobile phone and tulotero app

Another of its most interesting functions is that we can create groups of up to 100 people and share the same Lottery numbers. Each one has to contribute their participation if they want to enjoy the shared prize, which is insurance against “defaulters”. In this sense, it offers a unique solution to manage the typical Christmas Lottery number of the company that some brands such as Amazon, Yoigo or Seat have already used.

Last but not least, it is a free app, with a quick registration and that offers push notifications with the results of the raffles and the prizes if we have been awarded.

Promotion for the launch on Google Play of TuLotero

All new registrations in TuLotero have the possibility of receiving a welcome prize consisting of 1 euro that is added to your user account to participate in any lottery draw in the app. You just have to make sure to click on the box “I have a code” when we sign up, enter the code android21 and the balance will appear in our profile to start tempting the goddess Fortuna and, who knows … we can win the super jackpot of June 4 on Big Friday, with 130 million euros to the first prize. Last year, TuLotero already gave this prize in September through one of its associated lottery administrations… maybe this time it could be you. Good luck!