Troubleshoot resetting Windows to factory settings

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It must be taken into account that these failures in the operating system of the Redmond they are more common, to a greater or lesser extent, than we would like. In addition, a multitude of parameters come into play here that could have something to do with these failures. For example, when we notice that the Windows PC is misbehaving and none of the usual solutions works, resetting it to its factory state could fix it. Before carrying out a step like this, it is best to make a backup copy of everything stored on the computer whenever possible.

When to reset Windows to factory settings

But here comes the problem, and it is that many users are unable to reset Windows 10 to its initial values ​​on their computer. In fact, around a third of users who try to reset Windows 10, they find that they cannot do it. Thus, in the event that they are facing a serious problem in the operating system, this aggravates it even more.

Something we should know is that this is a somewhat extreme measure that many are determined to use when everything else has failed. Thus, it could be considered as the last measure that can be carried out when a Windows computer does not stop crashing for one reason or another. But of course, if we find that this does not work either, things will get worse. For those of you who don’t know, this is something you can do from the System Settings application.

reset windows settings

We access it through the key combination Win + I, where we go to Update and security / Recovery. From there we will have the possibility of restoring the PC keeping the personal data intact, or completely. Of course, as long as the functionality as such, does not also have problems.

How to fix problems when resetting Windows

In fact, there are some reasons why this can happen that we comment on, so below we will talk about some ways to solve this problem. There are simpler ones and others a little more complex, but without a doubt they will be of great help in the event that we find ourselves faced with the need to reset windows 10 completely.

Repair Windows startup from Safe Mode

One of the solutions that we can use in this regard is by starting the PC in safe mode. We do this by pressing the F5 or F8 key while booting the PC from scratch. We can also hold the key Shift pressed when restarting the computer from the power options of the Start menu. In the window that appears first, click on Repair Windows, to see the options available here.

repair secure startup

The first of which we see here, the call Home Repair, is the one that could help us to fix the problems related to the start-up. This gives way to an automated function that starts up at that moment and to try to solve the startup problems so that we can already reset the system.

Search system files for errors with SFC

We can also use the SFC or System File Checker command. This is in charge of looking for the system files that are corrupt and will try to repair them. And it is that one of these system files could be responsible for the failed reset error that we are facing.

To do this, all we have to do is open a command prompt window with administrator rights by typing CMD in the search box. In the new window that appears, we write the following command and press Enter to execute it and let it finish after reaching 100% of the process:

SFC /scannow

SFC command

Scan the hard drive with the CHKDSK command

If we see that this does not work, we can use another command that has been in Microsoft systems for many years. We refer to the command known as Check Disk or CHKDSK which checks the hard drive for errors. In turn, if it finds any of these, it will try to fix them, including those related to system reset. To do this again we go to a Command Prompt window with administrator rights and execute the following command:


chkdsk command

Update Windows 10 to its latest version

This is one of the most common solutions that we can use in order to solve a good part of the windows crashes. More if these occur unexpectedly, we do not refer to updating the operating system to its latest version. This is something that we can carry out easily and automatically again from the Windows Settings application.

Windows update

Once in it, just go to the Update and security option, and let Windows update is put into operation. Once the system is updated, we test the restoration again to see if it already works.

Scan your PC for viruses if you can’t reset Windows

The current malicious codes, viruses or malware that can infect our computers at this time are more dangerous than ever. And it is that they can affect almost any element of an operating system of the power of Windows. So much so that if we find an inexplicable failure like the one we are dealing with here, the best we can do is also scan the pc completely. For this that we tell you, we can make use of the antivirus software that Windows itself integrates by default, we refer to Windows Defender.

Windows defender exam

Of course, at the same time for these malicious code search tasks, we can also use the benefits of any other third-party solution. Provided that this antivirus is properly updated, it will help us to clean Windows of possible virus don’t let us reset the operating system.