Trips on Google Maps: how to plan your Christmas safely and relive your previous trips

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Table of Contents

Google maps christmas holidays

Christmas is already approaching, although this year promises to be very different from what millions of people in Spain are used to. These are some dates when many people go on a trip, something that this year will be a bit more complicated, but it may still be possible in certain cases. Google Maps helps us plan a safe vacation despite COVID-19.

These months we have seen how a series of new tools have been introduced in Google Maps with which we can move more safely. This will allow that if we decide to go on a trip somewhere, it will be easier for us to plan this trip and do it in a safe way.

Simpler reservations

Maps business security section

One of the great fears for many users who book a hotel or flight is the possibility that it will be canceled. In these cases, it is not always possible to get our money back, luckily, this year Google introduced a filter when looking for hotels, which is the “Free Cancellation” filter, which will allow us to see which hotels allow us to cancel without losing money. Thus, making the reservation is something simpler and safer.

In addition, the new hotel information page on Google Maps has been rolling out for weeks. It shows information about hygiene and safety measures that is taken in that place, such as the use of masks, distance or if you have to reserve at the restaurant in advance, for example. Not all businesses have this page updated yet, although it can be seen in many hotels.

Last minute information

One of the first aspects to take into account if we go on a trip is to consult the restrictions that exist in that place. If the trip is limited to Spain, we have tools such as QuéCovid, to know the restrictions in each location. In the case of an international trip, whether for work or family, we can always consult other tools such as Google Travel, where we can have data on restrictions, available flights, as well as the number of cases in that area.

Use the COVID-19 layer in Google Maps

Google Maps see COVID-19 layer

The COVID-19 layer arrived a few weeks ago on Google Maps, as we already told you. Thanks to this layer, the average number of cases in a specific region on the map, like that region we want to travel to. This information will be helpful when planning the trip, because we can also see the trend in the number of cases in that area, to see if it is a good idea to be able to travel to that place or not.

It is information that we can consult before any trip, for better planning, especially before a vacation, in which many people may go somewhere, such as visiting a family member.

Traffic and transport information

Trips on Google Maps: how to plan your Christmas safely and relive your previous trips 1

In addition, we must not forget that Google Maps will alert us at all times about the state of the road. The application allows us to see at all times if a route will be slower, because there is a traffic jam or accident, in addition to being able to see how full the train, subway or bus is in the event that our trip is carried out in a transport public. This will allow us to avoid crowds on the trip and we can do better planning.

Relive your past trips

Travel maps

If you have decided not to travel this year, you can use new functions in Google Maps and Google Photos to relive those trips you have made in the past. Soon to launch a new Travel tab in your timelime in Maps, to see a summary of your past trips, as well as data about those sites you visited on them (such as the sites you visited, the distance you traveled, the means of transportation you used). A good way to remember your best trips.

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