Tricks to start winning games

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Table of Contents

Despite its simplicity in playable, it is still a battle royale, with all that this implies. The goal is the same, survive in the face of 32 players, in the cross-fire and explosives. It is not easy, even if you don’t play frequently. So, if I give you some tips to address items in a better way and take home a victory, it would be the best gift that we can do for you today. Are we going there?

Battlelands Royale
Battlelands Royale

Lands in the best place possible

As you will see, this is not going to be a compilation of typical recommendations how to get to the edge of the area, take a shield, etc Tips that are useful, but for any player to eventually have a battle royale already knows. What you may not know as much are the areas where you land at the start of the game, something essential if we want to choose to arrive alive at the end of the same. These are the areas that we can choose to fallbecause in this game there is a helicopter or bus.

  • Gas station: Located at the top left of the map, they offer a great amount of objects to loot, a variety of areas such as open fields or bushes to protect themselves, and that has become a popular site, so you have to be careful.
  • The Pier: In the top right, can be a area a bit more peaceful to catch shields, healing, and weapons. In addition, the containers offer coverages to protect themselves from the shots.
  • Hideout: it Is an area of something more confrontational, suitable for more experienced players, as it offers more space, and less coverages to protect yourself, but it’s worth the risk if we want to enjoy a great selection of weapons and healing items.
  • Prison: it is Also found in the upper right area of the map. Although it is not in the center, it would be a more of way to landbecause it is a place smaller that could be used to catch off guard a player held or which is being met

What is the best weapon of Battlelands Royale?

Obviously this will depend on a little of the preferences of each player, but for features, the best would be the Mini-gun. The power of the shot is low, but the cadence is superb, as is the ammo, which is quite good. To find it will not be so easy, so mostly we’ll find out in drops, which we discuss later.

battlelands royale weapons

In terms of relationship of yield with number of occurrences, the best weapon would be the assault rifle. Usually often be found in the map, your ammo is sufficient, and both his damage as his range of shooting is acceptable. Without a doubt, is the most versatile. Alternatives such as the shotgun or the rifle require a certain distance for that to take effect, and very good we have to be in order to win in a duel against an assault rifle.

Careful with the drops

It is true that those boxes that are flying over the map leaving rewards very useful for the development of the game, especially if we have not gotten a loot too rich. However, we have to say that if you have a weapon, it is best to avoid the drop. The area of action in the game is reduced, the players are very spread out around the map, and we can easily come up with one when picking up a box.

battlelands royale drop

We already know that they are marked on the map, as we also know that the collection of a drop requires a certain amount of time to open, time in which we can be shot by a rival. It is a very high price for a reward that may not be worth it, since by the simple mechanics of the game so we only need a weapon and a shield to protect us. Seriously, avoid the drops.