Tricks to beat all the bosses of Soul Knight

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You can always learn new things, new ways to improve as we play and pass the levels easier. More specifically, when we face the final bosses, where the game goes from difficult to impossible. So, we come to bring you some tricks to bypass those enemies end a little more enjoyable.

Prior information that we should know about

There are always certain aspects that we must take into account as basic pillars for batirnos in a duel not only with the boss of each level, but for the entire tour of the dungeons. You have to be very careful with the different traps that are scattered across the map, as well as spikes or exploding barrels, which tend to be our shield against projectiles, until we betray and jump through the air.

Tricks to beat all the bosses of Soul Knight 1

Every time we go to start a game, we must to unlock the initial package of 1000 gems value. Not that it’s something mandatory, but we will come good to get a basic weapon additional to start the level. In addition, keep in mind to equip the characters with appropriate skills to be more effective against the enemies.

How to beat the final bosses

Once you understand the basics, it’s time to face the big monsters in each phase. There are many, each of them has its strong points and its weak points, although usually there are some tactics that we can employ, and that will have some effect on all.

On the one hand, we should try to make a weapon of freezing, that may be a snowman, an eagle, an assault rifle of that type, or a laser. With this we will stop the attacks of the enemy, paralyze and at the same time attack us. To generate a critical damage, we can combine this weapon with the ability to dual wieldso we’ll finish it before the enemy.

Tricks to beat all the bosses of Soul Knight 2

In the second place, and taking into account that the equipment of the character includes two arms, it is recommended to use as secondary weapon the gun bad, which we get at the beginning of the game. Strange as it may seem, we can serve more than expected, because it is a weapon that does not spend energy and has a shooting distance, which prevents us from body to body when we have little life.

Soul Knight
Soul Knight

Each character adapts better or worse to a stage, depending on their features, although if we had to choose one, we would recommend Rogue. It is one of the characters with more versatility and less cost to unlock, specifically 2000 gems, and allows you to beat almost any boss in the game. It is all due to its special attack, with which Rogue becomes immortal for a few moments.