Transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone and vice versa with iCarefone

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It is true that WhatsApp has its own backup, which is saved in Google Drive, but several problems often arise. And, if we use an account other than the Mountain View cloud or another phone number, not only do we lose the data, but we are also lost. This will make WhatsApp not detect the backup, so download a program like iCareFone comes in handy.

What is it and main features of this application

The name makes it quite clear, although this tool has a very interesting background that we must explain. Basically it allows, all this from the PC, to pass or migrate WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone, or vice versa. Best of all, it does so through the old-fashioned method, that is, by connecting the mobile terminals to the computer using a USB cable.

From the way WhatsApp data is transferred to the program’s interface, it is designed so that any user can use it without major problems. Not everyone is familiar with these types of processes, but iCareFone makes it much easier with its application, to the point that an entry-level user can. In addition, it gives the possibility of migrating anything we have on WhatsApp, be it conversations, groups, statuses, multimedia content and even stickers.

icarefone whatsapp

It would be a mistake to think that data can only be transferred from an Android to an iPhone or from an iPhone to an Android. The truth is that the combinations of mobile phones are endless, regardless of the operating system. You only need two mobiles with their respective USB cables to connect them to the computer. That said, we can transfer data in the following ways:

Also, iCareFone has more platforms to migrate data, beyond WhatsApp. It is true that the platform owned by Facebook is the most used and the dominant one in instant messaging worldwide, but it does not mean that there is no place for others. In that sense, we find the possibility of transferring data from WhatsApp Business (if you have a business or a company), Vibe, Line, KiK and WeChat. Most of them are well known by the community.

icarefone whatsapp

Not only do we have that available in the interface, but at the top we find several options to improve the experience, such as the language, registration to log in with an account, search for program updates, support for problems or doubts in its use and even the possibility of configuring the proxy from the app.

Backup copy

As we can see in the program, we have three major sections. The former is only reserved for data transfer, while the latter is intended for backup. We are used to hosting all personal data on the phone in the cloud, but sometimes we run into obstacles. Whether it’s due to a lack of space granted in the cloud or a bad internet connection to move large amounts of files, it is still a great option to backup locally.

This is what iCareFone offers us, a place to save all the terminal data just by connecting the mobile with the aforementioned USB cable. This backup reaches all levels, protecting photos, videos and all kinds of multimedia content; messages, folders and documents that we have stored.

icarefone whatsapp

Lost data or bricked mobile?

How many times have we had to completely format the mobile due to a software failure or a brick (what is known as sudden death). For these cases, if we do not have a backup of the data, it means that we have lost everything. Cloud services are the first solutions, but it involves a download process with all the files inside. A local restore can be much lighter, and that is what iCareFone enables us to do. It allows restore both iOS devices and Android devices. To do this, just have a backup made, where the name, size, version and backup date are detailed. We can even directly import other copies that we have from time ago on the PC.

How to transfer WhatsApp data from one mobile to another

Once all the ins and outs of this program have been explained, it remains to be seen how you can transfer WhatsApp data. It is a very simple process, even the program takes care of explaining the step by step carefully. However, as a summary, we are going to explain what we had to do in our test:

  1. At first, connect your Android or your iOS device to the PC and launch the program Tenorshare iCareFone-WhatsApp Transfer. Before, the “Find my iPhone” service should be disabled on the iPhone, or the USB Debugging feature on Android should be disabled.
  2. Before transferring the data, you must make a backup copy from the WhatsApp app to protect it and be able to transfer it from one device to another. To do this, we go to ‘Settings’, ‘Chats’, ‘Backup’.
  3. Once that is done, the program asks us to verify the number of the mobile of origin. Next, WhatsApp will send us a verification code that we must enter in the program.
  4. Once everything is verified, iCareFone proceeds to generate the restoration on the destination mobile. It is important to emphasize that you have to log in to that terminal before the program restores WhatsApp data.
  5. We click on ‘Start Session’ and, after a few seconds of waiting, we have all the conversations and multimedia content in the other terminal.

Different purchase licenses for different needs

“If you are good at something, don’t do it for free.” This popular saying can be applied to what iCareFone does. It offers such useful functions that we can hardly find them for free. In this way, it has various subscription plans with multiple advantages inside: 1 Month License, 1 Year License or Permanent License. Basically, the advantages offered by these licenses are to be able to make backup copies and transfer WhatsApp data on up to 5 different devices.

The decision of each user will be in the time that he wants to continue using the program, since the first two licenses are renewed once the time has passed, while the permanent one is a single payment. Do not worry if the service was not what you expected, since it has a 7 day guarantee for a full money back.