Transfer a user profile from one PC to another in Windows 10

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Windows Profiles

Once we launch our computer, we begin with the configuration of our user profile in Windows. What happens with the passage of time is that in the end we have everything configured to our liking and when we use another computer it may seem even strange if it is not like ours. In addition, within our user profile we are saving documents, photos and other types of personal files that are often important for the proper functioning of our day to day. The problem comes when suddenly we have to make a Windows scratch installation or we are going to stop using our PC because we we have bought a new one, since we will have to reconfigure everything to our liking. Well, that does not have to be the case, since we are going to tell you how to transfer a user profile from one computer to another in Windows 10.

Although Windows saves some data from our profile such as the wallpaper image and other basic settings associated with our user account, it does not allow us to transfer a user profile from one computer to another, so we will have to use some third party application.

User Profile Wizard

To achieve our purpose of transferring a profile from one computer to another we are going to use User Profile Wizard a software for Windows that is compatible with any version of this from XP.

It is a program in which we can download a free version to use us, although there are other two pay more professional and with more options such as being able to save migration configurations, add more computers to “Active Directory” and even be able to change the profile name, send all profiles at once or VPN compatibility, among other things.

The price of the Professional Edition is $ 99.95 for a single computer, while the Corporate Edition, you have a minimum of 50 licenses paying $ 147.50.

Migrate profile

User Profile Wizard

Obviously the paid versions give us extra functions that may be interesting at any given time, but with the free one we can transfer a user profile to another account and thus keep the data and all our preferences, without the slightest problem.

When we are going to migrate a profile we will also have the option of disable or delete the selected account, something that is left to the choice of each one.

  • To transfer the user we just have to select account name that we are going to migrate and mark the domain or local computer name.
  • Then we have to configure the new profile as Login default in the system.
  • Then migration starts automatically in that instant. We will see how it goes, since it indicates it to us on the screen. You have to be patient, as it can take several minutes.
  • Once finished, the program makes the computer restart with the new user profile already pierced.

Everything is transferred so simply and easily because what this tool achieves is a migration that will automatically join your computer to a domain and migrate the original user profile to the new domain so that everything is ready to work with this profile on the new computer.


Another chance that we have to perform the same task is TransWiz, a tool that will allow us to transfer our profile from one computer to another. We can migrate preferences and pointer settings, sound settings or desktop settings, to give you some examples, so that when we change computers or do a new installation of Windows on our PC, we have everything as we had before.

We can get this software completely free of charge. It has a very easy to use interface, so anyone can easily backup their Windows user profile. With this copy, we will save all the data and settings of the user profile in a ZIP file, which will be the one we use later to import everything on another PC.

  • We just have to open Transwiz and indicate we mark I want to transfer data to another computer (I want to transfer data to another computer).


  • Next, we will have to select the profile to export.
  • Then give a name to copy of the configuration and profile data that we have chosen, in addition to being clear where we are saving it.
  • Next we indicate a password to protect our data.
  • Now you just have to wait for the process to finish.

Once the copy has finished, it is time to go to the new computer and get our profile back to being the main one.

  • Evidently we install Transwiz and we do not carry the backup from the profile to the new computer.
  • We execute the tool and this time we must choose the option I have data I weant to transfer to this computer (I have data that I want to transfer to this computer).


  • In the next window we will have to select copy of our previous user account, the one we have talked about before that we should have on the new computer. We indicate the route where it is and when it is done click on Next.
  • Now he asks us for the password that we had configured for the backup, which we must put and click on Next.
  • On the next screen we must select the name of the user account Windows of the new computer where we want to transfer all the files and settings of our user account. Here we will also have the ability to put a new profile name, in case you want to change it.
  • Once we click on Next the whole process will start immediately.
  • Now we must have patience because it depends on the amount of information that the copy had and on the speed of our computer, we could say that it could spend several minutes doing the task we have entrusted to it.
  • Once finished we will indicate on screen and we will Restart your computer for the changes to take effect and we can now access with the profile that we have imported from our old computer.

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