Trailer of Project Fighter, the new One Piece video game

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The game will be titled Project fighter, as confirmed by Daniel Ahmad, an analyst of the video game market in Asia and China. This title, developed by the subsidiary More Fun Studios, has come to light for the first time through this trailer, in which we can see scenes from Luffy fighting some of his best known enemies, such as Buggy.

Bandai namco has authorized the creation of this video game thanks to the assignment of licenses granted to Tencent. To this day, One Piece is still the best-selling manga in the world, with almost 500 million comics sold in its 24-year history. This popularity has served the Chinese company to further launch its popularity, since it wants to create competition with other versions of the saga, as Treasure Crease.

What we expect from Project Fighter

Although they have not given many clues about how the final result will be, for now we know that it is a fighting game based on the One Piece universe in which we will remember the beginnings of the main characters. You will relive battles as epic as Usopp and Kuro. We still don’t know the final list, but we can count on the most important characters.

East beat-em-up Side-scrolling has a joystick that includes the most typical controls for this type of video game. As for the movements or combos that we can do, we can get used to the idea that they will be very effective. With the attack button we can use the movement or attack standard, which will include all kinds of blows with the arms and legs to harm our enemies. On the other hand, we can also use three special techniques or abilities that will depend on our energy, plus an additional one that a priori will be a movement of ending to end the opposites. What is missing is a dodge button, although it will surely be included in the final game.

As for the graphics, the images that we can see in the teaser are spectacular. They give a great realism to each movement, just as if we were watching the series. Everything looks really nice until we get to its release date and location. At the moment, the date is still completely unknown, although it seems that it would be to late 2021 when it would reach all the terminals. But this is not entirely the case either, since at the moment it is expected that the game will only reach China and we do not know if it will reach the West.