Traffic notifications and more news

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Table of Contents

New features that will add more functionality to roadside assistance, not only at the navigation level, but also in other parameters where drivers can have help while driving the car. We’re going to go over all those details from the update, which was featured at a YouTube event called ‘WazeOn’.

Waze: Traffic Notifications and Lane Directions

At this event, the platform owned by Google announced a good list of news for its Android application. Although there are several important ones, one of the most outstanding is undoubtedly the system of notifications of traffic where nos alert of the traffic density wherever our planned route goes and the probability of encountering a traffic jam when we reach that section – even if it does not exist right now -.

Other pillars of this update are the lane directions. Not only does it show the direction we must take to reach the destination, but it also specifies the lane in which we have to position ourselves to deviate to the next exit on a highway or at an intersection, long before approaching that point.

Finally, a function that was not present in the app is travel suggestions. This tool analyzes the history of our routes and determines similar places that may be of interest to us.

Integration with Spotify, YouTube and other platforms

Perhaps something that Waze lacked to be even more complete and comprehensive, is that it included compatibility with other platforms. While we are driving, it is not optimal to access another application to search for music or any type of auditory content, and return to the browser. For this reason, Waze already integrates other platforms like Spotify, YouTube in addition to Amazon Music, although that will take a few months.

update waze spotify

The rest, removing that the lane indications will be available from today, while traffic notifications and travel suggestions will arrive progressively over the next few days, most likely in the next month. Aside from Amazon Music, both Spotify and YouTube will have their Waze integration starting today as well. To do this, you have to go to Google Play and update this GPS navigator app.