traffic app with kamikaze driver warnings

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Table of Contents

Among other functions, the app alerts us if there are kamikaze drivers in real time, that is, people who are driving the car in the opposite direction. Thus, in addition to warning of this threat, it can avoid a frontal collision between two cars, a near-fatal accident.

RACC Infotransit

What is the Wrong-way Driver Warning system

The German company Bosch has developed a system for traffic applications, called Wrong-way Driver Warning, which serves to warn users about the presence of drivers traveling in the opposite direction or alerts the driver if he himself has mistakenly entered the opposite direction on a highway or motorway.

racc infotransit system

The solution is integrated for the first time in the traffic app of RACC Infotransit. Hundreds of thousands of users in Spain already benefit from these automated notices. Bosch’s novel solution is cloud-based, but RACC Infotransit was the first app to integrate it. However, in a short time it could reach other well-known applications such as Google maps, Waze or Social Drive.

To detect if a vehicle is traveling in the wrong direction of the road, the system compares the actual movements of the vehicle in a 10 kilometer radius, with the permitted direction of the road when passing or joining the entrance area of ​​motorways or expressways. If the two information blocks do not match, the application alerts you, both visually and acoustically, to the wrongly traveling driver, and to the driver himself, to the affected drivers.

RACC Infotransit, a Google Maps focused on traffic

The app has a system of two-way alerts, that is, it warns both kamikaze drivers around us as if we are invading the opposite lane. In this way, if we fall asleep at the wheel or have a mistake, the app will warn us in all possible ways to leave the opposite lane.

racc infotransit radar

On the other hand, the app offers other services designed to facilitate driving on the road. One of them is traffic forecast, which tries to forecast the traffic density per hour to plan trips. Another important function is to Parking, that shows relevant details such as the location of parking, hours and rates.

racc infotransit chambers

Finally, an option that we already find on other platforms is the detection of speed cameras, which shows them on the map highlighted with an icon. What not all traffic apps have is the option to ‘Cameras’, which shows us the most recent image in certain parts of the road network, usually the main highways and highways.