Tomorrow comes a new Redmi officially: Redmi Note 10?

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Tomorrow comes a new Redmi officially: Redmi Note 10? 1

Just a few weeks ago the latest models of the Redmi Note 9 range were launched in Spain, such as the Note 9T, and the brand already has the next generation ready. The Redmi Note 10 will be the next phones from the manufacturer, which are going to be presented this week in India officially, as has already been known.

Tomorrow, February 10, the Redmi Note 10 would be presented officially in India. What is not known at the moment is if the manufacturer will present only the normal model or if we can expect more devices at this event. There are rumors about the existence of a Pro model, but at the moment nothing is confirmed.

Redmi Note 10 expected

The presentation of the new Redmi It is celebrated tomorrow, February 10 at 10:10 AM IST (11:40 PM ET), which is 5:40 a.m. Peninsular Time. In this event we will be able to see a new Redmi phone, and everything indicates that it will be the Redmi Note 10.

This presentation is a surprise, because so far there is no data on this new device. There have been no leaks on it, so we don’t know what to expect from this new phone. A current design, good cameras and a battery with a good capacity are usually the hallmarks of this family, something that we can expect in this case. One of the big doubts is whether it will come with 5G connectivity as standard or not, as we saw in the most recent models of the Note 9 range.

It is expected to be priced tight, as is usual in these brand phones. Luckily we will not have to wait too long to get to know this new device, since its official presentation is celebrated in less than 24 hours. We will also be able to see in this event if the phone arrives alone or if there will be a Pro model to accompany it.

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