TikTok will remain Chinese: Biden annuls Trump’s order

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Following the electoral victory, the new US administration, led by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, has begun to take multiple measures in various directions.

One of these measures affects one of the most popular applications in recent years, TikTok. The Trump administration indicated that since it was a risk to national security, it was forced to sell it to a US company.

This movement was not materialized and TikTok itself indicated that it was not clear what it had to do. Well, it doesn’t matter.

TikTok will remain in the hands of its current owners

TikTok will remain Chinese: Biden annuls Trump's order 1

The incoming administration has announced that it will not force the platform’s owners to sell itself to companies like Wallmart, Oracle or Microsoft, as rumored during the second half of 2020.

Emily Horne told WSJ, spokeswoman for the National Security Council, has advanced to the Wall Street Journal, that they plan to “develop a comprehensive approach to securing US data In the coming months we hope to review specific cases to gain a comprehensive understanding of the risks«.

In essence, the Biden administration is not going to undo everything the previous administration has done, but they do want to take action based on current reports. In the coming months we will see the new measures that the current government will carry out.

At the moment we do not know how this will affect companies like Huawei, which have already asked to collaborate again with US firms, which greatly benefit from the relationship with Chinese brands, according to their CEO.

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