TikTok comes to Android TV: app now available on Google Play

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TikTok has become one of the applications most popular in Spain in recent months. Last December the app was launched exclusively on Samsung Smart TVs, being the first time it was launched on televisions. We haven’t had to wait too long for the popular video app to hit Android TV too.

TikTok for Android TV makes its entry into the Play Store, although its availability is still limited and it is not yet downloadable in all countries. In fact, it is not possible to install the application yet in Spain, but surely this is something that will change very soon. Meanwhile, we have the APK.

TikTok comes to Android TV

TikTok on Android TV

The version of TikTok for Android TV maintains the functions we know from the original app on Android phones. Once open, it allows you to watch videos directly or see your personalized feed. You can use the left and right buttons to switch between videos. In addition, we find the possibility to like videos, comment on them and also view profiles. The comment function seems not to be generally available yet.

It is also possible navigate between the various categories that we find in the application. It is an adaptation of the original app for televisions, something similar to what we saw at its launch for Samsung Smart TVs. To log in, you just have to use the remote and you can enter a code or use the QR code with the mobile app to enter your account.

TikTok Android TV interface

If you wanted to be able to enjoy the videos of the popular application on a bigger screen, its launch on Android TV devices makes it happen. The availability of the application and its functions is somewhat limited and varies markedly between countries. Over the next few days it should reach more devices with Android TV.

TikTok for Android TV can be downloaded for free on the Play Store. You can download it at the link below and check if it is already available for your device or in your country of residence. If not, you can try the APK.

TikTok comes to Android TV: app now available on Google Play 1


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