TikTok account suspended? So you can recover it and prevent it from happening

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TikTok account suspended? So you can recover it and prevent it from happening 1

There are several reasons to consider TikTok as one of the most popular social networks. The video It is the exclusive format and the editing and customization tools are constantly renewed. Anyone can edit and modify videos with different audios and music, which is why it is the leading social network among the youngest. And for all this there may be different situations in which TikTok suspends our account.

The names in English used for the different types of publications are different, perhaps before they were the challenges (challenges), now are the trends (trends). This is an informal way of naming the most popular TikTok posts. In fact, TikTok posts are always the same in form, videos with a limited duration to which you can apply an infinite number of filters, audios and soundtracks. Another very recurring option is to reuse the audios of the posts that you like the most for your own publications.

However, as in any social network where users have total freedom to interact with each other, there are Community Rules that must be met if we do not want to act ex officio or after the relevant complaint against our account or ourselves. There are different types of sanctions for those who break the rules, ranging from content deletion, temporary account lockout, or total deletion.

Reasons for suspension

On the TikTok legal notices page, the general reasons that can cause the cancellation at a general level are explained, just as it can happen in the use of any other application. On the other hand, Community norms regulate behavior between users by clearly defining what is allowed and what is not.

On the one hand, the most important part is that TikTok reserves the ability to suspend temporarily or permanently a user account, as well as limiting access to it in whole or in part. So far everything seems reasonable, what arouses a bit of controversy among its users is the section in which TikTok announces that it can take this type of measures “with or without prior notification”, “at any time for any reason or no reason” .

On the other hand, it is true that a series of reasons are mentioned, it is understood that the most common, such as the actual or alleged violation of the Terms of use accepted, the actual or presumed acts that could affect TikTok or any third party, requests from the State security forces and bodies or any other public body as a consequence of a judicial or administrative process.

Community norms

TikTok clarifies that the objective of the social network is the fun of all its users based on principles of security, diversity, inclusion and authenticity. The TikTok algorithm is designed to directly remove most of the published content that goes against the Community Guidelines, whether in video, audio, images, live streams, comments or in the texts of the publications. There is a type of exception for which it could happen that some content is not removed when the reason for publication is of educational, scientific or artistic origin among others.

These Community Rules protect the user from being exposed to certain topics that are considered inappropriate. TikTok ranks the Community Guidelines based on their content type:

  • Extreme violence: through the publication of content of extreme violence, threats that incite violence and messages of support to hate groups and criminal groups.
  • Hate: Within this type of content we must include any attack on any individual or group for reasons of race, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, origin, disability, or serious illness. Also included are all messages of support for hateful ideologies in general and towards minority groups in particular.
  • Criminal activities: All kinds of violent acts, use of weapons or prohibited substances (drugs, alcohol …), scams, fraud, sports betting or gambling services and promoting and supporting them are totally prohibited. Criminal activities also include the publication of personal and / or confidential information.
  • Graphic content and suicide: The contents that show deaths, accidents, dismemberment, open wounds, tortures related to human beings and animals will be directly eliminated. Also included in this category are all content that shows acts of suicide or self-harm (including eating disorders) and messages that support it.
  • Bullying and harassment: TikTok explains all activities related to denigration, humiliation, harassment (trolling), wishing for death, and supporting such activities. The same happens in sexual matters, the exhibition of sexual acts, harassment through unwanted contact, the partial or total simulation of the sexual act or blackmail are completely forbidden, they are considered as serious offenses.
  • Nudity and sexual activities: Posting nudity and real or simulated sexual activity are considered serious offenses. Likewise, it is forbidden to disseminate intimate images without the express consent of the protagonist.
  • Safety of minors: There are two types of offenses related to minors. On the one hand, those that include harassment or seduction of minors, any publication where this activity is sexualized or supported is totally prohibited. Likewise, the publication of minors carrying out activities prohibited for them, such as alcohol intake or drug use, is heavily penalized.
  • Integrity and authenticity: Everything related to the spread of spam, identity theft, misinformation and those publications that imply the infringement of intellectual property are prohibited.
  • Platform security: this refers to more “technical” activities. For example, the prohibition of running automated scripts to collect information, the development of products derived from TikTok, the distribution through the platform of viruses, Trojans or malware in general or bypassing TikTok’s own security measures.

tiktok community standards

To consider

The most important thing is to know that TikTok does not guarantee the storage of all content audiovisual published and saved in an account, so they recommend that we make backup copies of everything we want to keep safe. In fact, although the conditions of use confirm that they can permanently suspend an account without notice, the usual thing is that a notification is received in advance enough to download all the content that we consider.

Normally, the only reason for not giving advance notice of a permanent interruption of service to a TikTok user is that there is good evidence to believe that the user’s access to their account may cause harm to the social network itself or may violate the requests of the Administration. So, in principle, if we have not committed a serious infringement, it is most likely that in the worst case we will be able to download all the content before the final elimination.

How to recover the account

There is usually a dialogue between TikTok and the user each time it receives a suspension notice. Through this notification, the suspension decision can be claimed or appealed, although this is not always the case.

Blocking by mistake

If TikTok blocks your account and you think it was by mistake do not give it up for lost, since you have the option to review that lock. Generally, TikTok decides to block accounts that constantly violate Community Guidelines automatically, however, an error can always occur.

If your account has been blocked you will receive a notification when you open the application. In case of considering a wrong block you just have to open notification and click on the button Review request. Then you will only have to follow the steps that are requested indicating your arguments to revoke the block.

Deletion by mistake

Another of TikTok’s security measures is the elimination of total or partial content. If you have had a video deleted and you believe that you have not violated the rules of the social network, you can request one revision to appeal said sanction and that the content is reestablished.

You have two ways to request the review. On the one hand, you can go to the notification that you have received in the Inbox, click on it and then on the button Submit a review request. On the other hand, you can go directly to the deleted video and click on Breach of Community Rules: See details. There you will have access to the review request as well.

tiktok contact form

Avoid suspension

The way to prevent TikTok from deleting some content or, directly, blocking our account in any of the possible ways is to act with common sense. And above all, without the intention to harm to nobody. You can post content that someone might not like, even offend, but that does not mean that the Community Rules are violated. However, we must be aware that all content related to Criminal acts or what to do apology of these it is probable that it will be eliminated, with the consequent sanction.

If it is about publishing content with Copyright we can find the direct removal of the video and a notification. But this does not mean the account will be deleted, it is not a serious violation. Committing the same minor infraction if it would become serious and would lead to the definitive suspension. It is also important that we bear in mind that any of our actions on TikTok may constitute an infringement. In other words, the regulations not only affect the videos we publish, but also the texts who accompany them or comments that we do about third-party posts.

Another way that can be found in search engines to get in touch with TikTok is to write an email to [email protected] reporting what happened. The truth is that this email address not listed in the TikTok Terms of Service, so it is advisable to make sure that we are not offering personal information to the wrong email account.

Report a problem

The formula Share your opinion On the TikTok website, it is the best tool if we want to interact with the social network itself regardless of the topic that we want to discuss. We just have to fill in our email, the one we used to register, the Username is optional, we choose the Theme (Account lockout / suspension), we write the message and attach screenshots (up to 10) if we consider it necessary.

We must be calm with the information that we will share to contact TikTok, especially in the case of screenshots. Since that information can not be used or shared in any way. It will only be used for the analysis of the question and to answer the query.

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