Three new features coming to Google Maps

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Three new features coming to Google Maps 1

Google Maps is one of the most used applications in Spain, and recently it was getting dark mode. The service is preparing to officially introduce three new features, geared towards user contributions.

Have already been reached 150 million local guides on Google Maps and on the occasion of this important moment, the application will introduce three new functions that will make it easier to share and find local information or recommendations.

Ratings on Google Maps

Three new features coming to Google Maps 2

Users on Google Maps usually show your support for local businesses by uploading photos, updating information about the business (hours or contact details) or writing reviews. Starting next month, the application will carry out a challenge in the United States with Android users of the application.

Any user can join this national challenge to gather helpful reviews, photos, and updates about business. All you have to do is enter the Contribute tab in the app to join the local challenge. There you can add ratings, reviews or information about those local businesses that you have visited. 100,000 businesses are expected to be updated in this way.

Upload photos without reviews

Three new features coming to Google Maps 3

Google Maps is preparing to introduce a new feature in the coming weeks: Photo Updates (updates by photo). This function will allow users to share their experiences on a specific site simply by uploading a photo of it. Without leaving a rating on the site, you can upload a recent photo of that site with a brief description of it.

When you are looking for a site in the application, you will only have to enter Updates, to see the latest photos uploaded by people who have been there. If you want to upload your own you can do it clicking on the upload photo button that will be in said tab. You will only have to upload that photo and a short text and you will be able to upload as many as you want, there is no photo limit.

Add roads

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The application will make it easier to report roads that are not shown on the map. If you see that there is a road that the map does not show, you can add it on the desktop version of Google Maps. When you see that a road is missing, you just have to click on the button on the side menu and go to Edit Map, where there is an option to add a missing road.

You can draw on the map with lines that missing road or section. It is also allowed to change the name of the roads, the direction in which they are driven or eliminate some that are not correct or do not already exist. If there are sections or roads that will be closed for a while, you can put the dates on which it will be closed, as well as the reasons.

This function will be displayed on Google Maps at over the next few months in more than 80 countries where app users can report problems or changes in the roads, including Spain.

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