This will improve Android 11 privacy in mobile company

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This will improve Android 11 privacy in mobile company 1

At the beginning of June he launched the first public beta of Android 11, which is now available for download on many mobile phones in Spain and that we were able to test, seeing the many innovations that he has left us. Google has introduced changes in this new version of the operating system, some of them very remarkable, as the new notifications, but there have also been changes in fields such as privacy.

Privacy and security is also something that will improve with Android 11, as was revealed a few days ago. Although Google is also going to introduce a specific improvements aimed at the mobile business. This is the new feature called Profile, which Google has explained on its website.

Job profile: Android 11 improving the privacy for businesses

This will improve Android 11 privacy in mobile company 2

Android 11 introduces a change that may not call too much attention, but that it has important consequences. Since it will take those privacy options, to to protect the privacy of the job profile the phones of the company. The IT department in a company will be able to activate the profile function work on a mobile phone of an employee, either the phone company or a personal one.

This allows the introduction of new functions on all phones, which until now only were available on mobile devices that were managed by the company for full. Among these functions we find:

  • To restrict which applications can use functions such as the camera, Bluetooth or storage.
  • Protection of file management.
  • Policies of personal use, such as restricting which applications can use the employees.

To make this possible, Android 11 for companies to introduce a change in the management of devices. Since there will be a separation in the data management and visibility of the same. For this reason, the responsible department in the company could limit the use of certain applications (like social networks), but would not see what applications are being used outside of this job profile. So that you create two profiles or spaces clearly separated.

This will improve Android 11 privacy in mobile company 3

These functions are going to be able to test this month of July in the new beta Android 11thanks to the Android Management APIS, which Google provides more information on its website. An important change in the field of privacy in the business field.

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