This Samsung app reduces the latency of bluetooth headphones

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Sound Assistant Samsung

Good Lock has been available in Spain for months, Samsung’s personalization application. On the occasion of the update to Android 11 with One UI 3, the brand has updated this app and now you are updating the modules that we find ourselves within it. This is the case with SoundAssistant, the sound module, which gets new functions in this way.

SoundAssistant is the module within Good Lock sound and volume manager on the phone, which allows you to play the sound of two apps at the same time or customize the volume panel. Samsung launches an update for this module where we find new functions.

Samsung introduces new features in SoundAssistant

Samsung SoundAssistant new functions

The new version of SoundAssistant, with number, has already begun its deployment. Samsung leaves us with some improvements in this module in this new version of it. One of the functions is Bluetooth Metronome, which will allow synchronization of audio and video when using a Bluetooth device. This feature also comes with a slider for said synchronization, to determine the sound delay.

This is a function that can be especially useful when using cheap or poorer quality Bluetooth headphones, which have a worse latency and therefore a worse synchronization with the audio and images. Being able to adjust this manually will give the user more control in SoundAssistant.

Samsung introduces in this module update a function called Media Manner Mode (silence multimedia content in Spanish), which is a mode in charge of silencing multimedia sounds when your smartphone is in silent or vibrate mode. This feature ensures that the phone is silent at all times and there is no sound from your apps.

For those users with One UI 3 or higher, the new version of SoundAssistant can now be downloaded from the Samsung Galaxy Store officially. So you can enjoy these new functions in it. The surprising thing is that the brand has also eliminated several functions of the module, such as the floating button or selfie stick. In addition, the app logo is renewed, following the style of the new, more colorful Good Lock.

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