This is UltraDart: realme opens fast charging 125W

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Fast charging is the topic of this week. Just yesterday OPPO presented a number of new technologies, including its new quick load of 125W, that was presented as well as the fastest in the market. Today is another brand that is very popular in Spain, which leaves us with his new fast charge technology, as realme presents UltraDart.

It is a fast-charging identical to the OPPObecause we must not forget that realme is also part of BBK Electronics. So there are many elements in common with the system of OPPO. This load of 125W is the evolution of Super DART, fast charging 65W brand.

realme opens fast charging 125W

This is UltraDart: realme opens fast charging 125W 1

realme has been baptized as UltraDart to this fast load of 125W, that according to the brand we can already see on a phone in the month of August. About the role this is a system like the one presented by OPPO yesterday, while the brand does not reveal how long it takes to charge the battery to full. We know that goes from 0% to 33% in just 3 minutes of time.

The brand has opted for a system of burden triple, all of them with an output of 10V 4.2 A. This sum gives us an output of 10V AT 12.5 A, which is the one that provides this load of 125W on compatible devices. When used three channels, the brand ensures that this reduces the voltage and avoid the usual overheating caused by fast charging. In addition to being a most efficient load.

To prevent the temperature is too high, realme has introduced a number of additional sensors (a total of 14), which is going to control more accurately the temperature, avoiding overheating. The brand has redesigned the batteries and has opted for a new system of cooling and dissipation of graphite, which is going to allow that never pass of 40 ° c during charging of the phone.

This is UltraDart: realme opens fast charging 125W 2

In addition, the new chargers that are released with UltraDart are retrocompatibles with the previous load quick of the mark, as well as with Power Delivery and Quick Charge, which is not a surprise because it loads fast realme, OPPO and OnePlus are usually compatible between them (the same power). In August we will know the next phone of the brand, the first to have this fast load of 125W. A phone that will have connectivity 5G, as mentioned by the brand.

The input Well is UltraDart: realme opens fast load of 125W appears first in Android Free.