This is the new secret offline game from the Google Play Store

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Google has always been a company linked to the Internet. We have seen that in the search engine and in almost any product that has been released. But we know that we do not always have a connection, either due to lack of coverage (although in Spain we cannot complain), or because there is a problem.

When this happens, Google often creates little Easter eggs in its applications, such as the dinosaur game within the Chrome browser.

Today we have seen how some users are having access to a new one within the Google Play Store. Of course, it is not yet available to everyone.

Hot Air Baloon appears in the Google Play Store

New offline secret game on the Google Play Store

This game appears when we enter the Google Play Store but we do not have an Internet connection. In addition to inviting us to reload the application interface, which appears to everyone, some people also show a button to play Hot Air Baloon, a simple game with simple graphics reminiscent of the Flappy Bird.

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As usually happens with this type of game, the graphics, the mechanics, the objectives… everything is very simple.

This is the new secret offline game from the Google Play Store 1

In Hot Air Baloon all we have to do is control a hot air balloon by moving it from right to left with taps on the sides of the screen. This will make it scroll and allow us collect the floating coins to increase the score.

Meanwhile, we must dodge platforms with which we cannot collide, on pain of starting again since we will have died.

As we said at the beginning, it is not yet available to all users but it may be something we will see sooner rather than later as it does not seem like a complicated feature to implement.

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