This is the first high-end Moto G with a top processor

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When Qualcomm introduced the new Snapdragon 888, many brands were launched to announce that they would have mobiles with this chipset. The first of them seems to be Xiaomi, which would announce the Xiaomi Mi 11 this month.

But there was an announcement that surprised us even more, the one from Motorola confirming that they were working on a Moto G with a Qualcomm 8-series processor. We do not know if it will arrive in Spain or not, but considering how much we liked the Moto G9 Plus, we hope it will.

The new high-end Moto G wouldn’t use the 888

However, expectations must be calmed because, although the company executives have confirmed that there will be a Moto G with a high-end processor, this does not mean that it is the last one announced.

According to XDA, Motorola would use the Snapdragon 865 on the new Moto G you are preparing, which would allow you to control the price. Let’s not forget that while the Snapdragon 865 is expensive, the 888 costs almost twice as much.

The novelty comes from the hand of Evan Blass, who has published the first complete image of this model, both from the front, where a screen with very reduced frames and two front cameras stands out.

This is the first high-end Moto G with a top processor

These two cameras are housed in independent perforations, something that we have not seen much since, in addition to being few mobiles that use two front cameras, they are normally housed in the same, more elongated hole.

This model has also been seen in a photograph in which Motorola presents its new desktop interface for mobiles, which will arrive with its version of Android 11.

This is the first high-end Moto G with a top processor

Although the development seems advanced, it is possible that there are still months left for the presentation of this mobile, a terminal that could be a good bet in relation to quality-power-price for Motorola.

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