This is the design of the OnePlus 8T: its official photos are leaked

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OnePlus 8T featured

The OnePlus 8T will be the next high-end phone that the brand will launch in Spain. The presentation of the phone is going to take place on October 14, as confirmed weeks ago. In these weeks we have been receiving some details about this new device of the brand, such as the presence of the new 65W fast charge of the brand in it.

Less than a week after its presentation, The first official photos of this OnePlus 8T have already been leaked. Thanks to them, the design of this new high-end brand no longer keeps secrets. In this way some of the rumors about its design are confirmed.

This is what the OnePlus 8T looks like

OnePlus 8T design

The OnePlus 8T will arrive only this year, the brand itself confirmed that there will be no Pro model, so it is expected that it will be a very powerful model. At least in terms of design, it leaves you feeling good, with a very modern design. Arrives with a perforated screen, with very thin frames, which allow you to make the most of its front. It has been said for weeks that that screen is going to have a refresh rate of 120 Hz, so it will be a good phone to play games.

In the back we find four cameras in this model. The exact combination of sensors is not yet known, although everything points to a main sensor, a wide angle, a macro sensor and the last one could be a black and white sensor. The front camera consists of a single sensor, located in said hole on your screen.

This is the design of the OnePlus 8T: its official photos are leaked 1

As usual in the high-end, it is expected that the fingerprint sensor of this OnePlus 8T is located below its screen. The phone will also have a USB-C connector and will not have a headphone jack in this case. In its photos you can see that it has a light green color, thus following the range of colors that we have seen in the OnePlus 8, 8 Pro and the OnePlus Nord.

Watch video

These photos show the design of the OnePlus 8T clearly and we can see that it is the actual design of the phone, because the OnePlus itself uploaded a video with the design of the phone, showing its rear, which matches these photos. On October 14 we will be able to get out of doubt and know everything about this new high-end from OnePlus.

The entry This is the design of the OnePlus 8T: its official photos are filtered, it appears first in The Free Android.