This is how you can play Brawl Stars Survival mode

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As we say, this mode is a favorite for many players for various reasons. It is a very exciting modality in which we have to face other brawlers to win the game. It has two game possibilities, and you can do it alone or in duos. In Survival mode, the rewards vary depending on the position in which we finish. With that said, we are going to tell you all about him so that you can become an expert.

Brawl Stars Survival mode features

survival brawl stars

This mode is very competitiveas only one brawler can win. The games have 10 players, and it’s basically a all against all. With the boom that have hit the Battle Royale, this mode is the particular version that Brawl Stars has applied to satisfy the needs of all its users. To win a game, we must kill our enemies and be the last player standing.

Your main objective is the chests, which appear in the center of the map. Each chest contains one power gem, and to get them you must destroy them. If you kill other brawlers, you will also get a gem. Halfway through the game, a fog green toxic on the map boundaries. As the game progresses, the game will get bigger and bigger, forcing all players to move towards the center. You must be very careful with it, because if it catches you, you will die in a matter of a few seconds.

As for the maps, these are constantly updated, so when you enter a game, you will be assigned a map in a random. Thus, this game mode promises you a varied and fun gaming experience. Each map has special objects and characteristics, and in some, robots, meteorites or ghosts may appear, all so that you do not get lost at any time. These are also random.

Game types

In Survival mode, we can play in lonely or in duets. In the first case, we basically have to be the last player standing to win. Here it is best to go with everything to get the chests. Therefore, taking advantage of time is very important, and for this the best thing is remove opponents near you, so you will get more awards and it will be easier for you to destroy the chests. If you are a player who likes to take risks in every game, this is the way for you.

On the other hand, in duos you have to take a more cautious and prepared strategy. If we want to take the victory, it is best to join characters with different abilities and characteristics. To do this, you must choose a brawler with a great attack at close range. The other must be a good defender to protect both and if they have long-range attacks, you will form a fearsome pair and have a better chance of winning. Of course, you should know that if one of the two members dies, it will reappear at the 15 seconds. But if before the end of this countdown the partner dies, the game will be over for both of you.

Top Survival Players

best brawlers

  • Lion– A true multipurpose player for all game modes. It is a legendary brawler that can become invisible for 7 seconds thanks to its Smoke bomb. He is one of the fastest and most skilled characters, so he can destroy chests and accumulate gems with ease, and he also has very good attack at close range. After each kill he will recover life, but his disadvantage is that he has a low level of health, so it is not recommended that you go after several enemies at the same time.
  • Shelly: is one of the main characters in the game, and is available from the first moment we start playing. He has moderate health but is capable of dealing a large amount of damage to his enemies. Your gadget Fast forward Allows you to quickly zoom in and out of your enemies. It is also capable of slowing down opponents thanks to its stellar ability Shell Shock.
  • 8-bit: one of the best options for this game mode. Although he is very slow, he has a great damage potency in his ranged attack, in addition to a large amount of health. Can reappear at the time of death thanks to his stellar ability Extra life, and is capable of very powerful combos to win you easily. It also has a super in which it launches a turret that increases the damage level by 30%.
  • Carl: a very aggressive brawler and is quite useful for playing in duos. He’s very healthy, but the attack leaves a bit to be desired. Has a basic attack of one pickaxe that returns to him like a boomerang. Thanks to your Protective Pirouette, the damage he takes is reduced by 30%. A highly recommended option for collecting gems. Finally, his super allows him to turn and retrieve the pickaxe more quickly.
  • Spike: one of the game’s favorite brawlers. It is capable of dealing very high damage to enemies. His basic attack launches a ball of cactus thorns that splits in turn to reach any corner of the map. His stellar ability Fertilizer allows you to recover 800 health points per health. Finally, his Hail of Thorns gadget fires three waves in all directions, dealing 520 damage for each time he hits an enemy.

Tips to reach the end of the games and win

survival duos

In this game mode, the most important thing is to know at what exact moment we must attack or defend to achieve victory. At the beginning of a game, the first thing to do is go for the chests. You can choose to go for those that are further from the center, since these will be less requested. If you get several, you will have an extra advantage over your enemies, but you run the risk of dying before the others. You can too expect others to break the chests and snatch the gems from them, especially with close range attackers.

Another interesting option is avoid battles and focus on surviving. Although you cannot take the gems, on the other hand you will not lose them either, although this is a more conservative strategy. You can too to provoke other brawlers to fight and hide behind bushes and barriers, a way to incite your enemies to fight each other and move to more conflictive areas. Thus, if you keep your distance, you will be able to obtain gems more easily.

If you are playing with a low health brawler, the best is hide in bushes and wait for the enemies to pass and attack them by surprise. Even if it is a little “country”, you can defeat them with a devastating attack. Otherwise, if you are not sure about ambushing, it is best to run away and find another position. Lastly, as you already know, the healing kicks in when you are two seconds without attacking or taking damage. Therefore, it is best to avoid the rest of the brawlers they heal, especially those with more health. Of course, you must be alert, because if you attack you will not be cured.