This is how you can add GIFs to your Gmail email messages

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Gmail GIF

GIFs are undoubtedly one of the most popular multimedia content for years and since they were implemented in messaging apps, they are used more and more. Taking into account that every day we send and respond to a lot of emails, surely it has crossed your mind to incorporate these types of files in some of your email writings. Well, we are going to show you how to add GIFs to Gmail email messages.

To ensure that these GIFs are within the messages that we send to someone, we can choose to do it directly with the own tool Gmail or we can use a tool from third parties that can offer us very interesting features. Be that as it may, the emails we send now will have a more fun and jovial touch, since we can start or end them with one of these animated photos and give it a distinctive touch.

Obviously we are not going to send an email with a GIF to our boss or if we have to write to an official establishment, but if it is a friend or relative, things change and we can send one in the text so that we have a funny message or in some highly descriptive of what we want to tell you.

Gmail app

It is the easier way to integrate a GIF, but this will not force us to search for it in advance and save it on our computer. That is, we will have to go to a GIFS website or search Google, for when we have chosen which one we want, download it to our computer.

Once we have the GIF saved in the internal storage of our PC, we can now go to Gmail to manage its delivery.

  • We open Gmail.
  • Then we click on Write so that the window where we can manage the message and the sending of the email appears.
  • As is normal we write the email address to which we want to send the mail, in addition to the affair of said message.
  • Then it is time to write the message body that we want to transmit to the person before the GIF appears.
  • Now we must drag the GIF file that we want to send to the body of the message. That is, we click on that file and without releasing the button we move it to the inside of Gmail, to release it the moment we see that it is incorporated into the bulk of the message.

Drag gif Gmail

  • Once it’s inside we’ll see how appears in the place where we have dropped it. In addition, you will see how it works, since in the message we can see the movement it has.
  • Now click on Send and we have already sent it to you.

This is the simplest way of all, native to Gmail itself, but there are other options that help us in other ways.

We can also choose to send it as an attached file if you do not want it to appear in the body of the message, but this is simply sending a file, it has nothing particular to send a GIF. For this we must do the following:

  • We open Gmail.
  • Click on Write and we enter the email address and the email subject.
  • Time we must click on the icon that appears at the bottom with clip shape.
  • At that moment we look for the GIF file that we want to share and we will see that it is attached as a normal and current file to send, without it appearing in the body of the message.
  • Now all you have to do is click on Send and ready.

GIPHY for Gmail

Giphy is one of the most important GIF sites on the net today. It is characterized by number of files of this type that they put at our disposal. No matter the theme or what we are looking for, almost certainly we will find it, since the level of possibilities Giphy gives is very high.

Well, we have an extension for Chrome that will not allow us to have an addition in our Gmail system that will be of great help to send any type of GIF.

To install it, we only have to do the following:

  • Let’s go to the extension page GIPHY for Gmail.
  • Now we just have to click on Add to Chrome.
  • Once added we will see how an icon of this extension appears in the upper right part of Chrome.

GIPHY Chrome extension

To use it we have to carry out some extremely simple steps:

  • We open Gmail.
  • Click on Write to create a new email, where we will also write the email and the subject.
  • Then we can write what we want.
  • When it’s time to put the GIF, just click on the new icon which has come out right next to Send.
  • We will see that we have an area where we will have several GIFs that advise us, but if we want to find the one we need it is as simple as writing what goes in the search bar of GIFs.

GIPHY in Gmail

  • When we have chosen it, we only click on it and it will be incorporated into our message.

GIF in Gmail


Another good complement is Gfycat, but it is not an extension, we are talking about an addon. To install it we must do the following:

  • We have to click on the + icon from the Gmail sidebar (where we have Calendar or Contacts) and on the screen that is shown with the G Suite Marketplace, find the complement Gfycat.
  • Once we have found it, we click on it to be able to press the button install.
  • Next, it will ask us the Google account on which we want to install it and we will have to accept the requested permissions, so that after a few moments we will have it installed.
  • From that moment, we will see how when opening any email message from our Gmail tray, in the sidebar on the right we Gfycat icon appears. By clicking on it, the complement will open and we will be able to search for the GIF that we want to add to any type of message.

Gfycat in gmail

Although when clicking on the new mail icon, the Gfycat icon will not appear in the gmail sidebar, we can use a simple trick to add.

  • To do this, we select a message so that the icon is displayed, and with it selected we click on the new message.
  • Now we can click on the Gyfcat icon, find the GIF and drag it from the plugin to the new message window. In this way, we can easily add GIFs to new email messages from Gmail.

As you have seen, it is very easy to incorporate a GIF file into the messages we send to give it a more informal and fun touch.

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