This is how we improve the performance of Windows 10 for our games

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Windows 10

Windows 10 It is an operating system that comes preconfigured to achieve the best performance, placing itself in the middle of the users who can work with it. This means that it is not prepared for any specific type of person and it is intended to apply to everyone. The problem is that when we want to dedicate it to a single purpose, how can it be play the latest games, we have to configure it, since the way it comes the system does not give us everything it could.

Windows is a system that has many effects or ways in which design is more important than functionality, being parts that usually consume a lot of system resources. Well, unless you have an ultra powerful computer, it is good to suppress this type of process if we want all the performance to be with us when playing. We will also have to see another series of parameters, so let’s go by parts.

Compatibility and requirements

Before starting to tweak our operating system we must 100% make sure we have a powerful enough team like to get the game we want to work.

All the games on the market indicate, on the back cover, the minimum requirements to be able to function or at least to work with a certain fluidity. Obviously if we have a state-of-the-art computer with a lot of power, we can assume that it will be able to play any video game of today, but if our computer is already a few years old or is not one of the most powerful, we should compare the minimum game requirements with what we have mounted on our PC.

If we do not reach the minimum required by the video game, it would be better to try another title, but if we are fair, we can adjust certain parameters within it, such as the resolution and details of the image, to be able to play, although, as is normal, we will not have a 100% operating experience, in its visual section at least.

Fortunately we can accompany all this with certain changes in the computer that allow us to make it run as smoothly as possible.

Game Mode in Windows 10

One of the first options that we must know about our operating system is Game Mode. This mode is automatically activated when running programs and games in full screen, taking care of optimize and speed up the operating system for optimal performance.

To know if we have it activated or not, we must do the following:

  • We must go to the menu Setting.
  • Once inside we go to the section Games.
  • Then we will see how on the left side we have a place where it says Game Mode.
  • If we enter it we will see how we can turn it on or off, something that, of course, must be active. If we are not going to play for a long time we can deactivate it, since this consumes memory.

game mode

  • Now we must configure the system so that it always uses the most powerful graph by clicking on Graphics Settings and we add the game executable files so that we just start playing with it, they are already executed directly at the maximum possible performance.

To update

Another facet of the system that we must be clear about is keeping everything up to date, because that will mean that we have the latest of the latest for the system.

Update Windows

The first thing is to know if we have the latest possible version of our operating system, because if that is the case, we will ensure that there is no error or problem that we have not solved and we will be able to play without incident. To check the updates we must do the following:

  • We are going to Setting (click on the keyboard Windows + i).
  • We select Update and security and then Windows update.
  • Click on Search for updates and if we have pending we should install them.

Windows 10 updates

Update Drivers

The drivers is something that the Microsoft system itself does not update and that is why most of the time it is not that they are excessively up to date. To solve this there are programs that we can install on our PC that analyze the drivers and are responsible for downloading, installing and updating them. In this way the drivers will be up to date, especially those of the graphics card are interesting, since this way we will have much more chances of it working 100%.

Update DirectX

DirectX is a series of resources and application programming interfaces, that is, APIs, that have been developed by Microsoft with the aim of helping the development of everything that has to do with the multimedia and games operating system.

To find out if we have the latest version of DirectX (currently 12) updated, we must carry out these steps:

  • We open the start menu and in the search box on the taskbar we write dxdiag.
  • At that moment we will see how it shows us, in the upper section of the window, access to said tool, so we must press it to open it.
  • A good number of data appear such as the date, the name of the equipment, the version of the operating system, the language, the version of the BIOS, the processor, the memory and almost at the bottom we will see DirectX version, where it indicates the version we have.


  • If we need to update it, we just have to go to the web where the Installer is, choose the language, click on Download and then run the file dxwebsetup.exe which is on our hard drive.
  • We just wait for you to install them and you’re good to go.

Optimize Hardware

We must be clear that all our hardware works well, since video games tend to be very demanding with many of the parts of our computer.

The fans They can be an essential part when playing games, since by demanding a lot of performance from the system, they will have to work continuously, lowering the temperature of the internal components of the devices. Own license plate and everything that it encompasses is also required a lot, especially in the latest generation, so its operation must be correct and thus we will enjoy a really good experience. On the other hand, the power supply It is another of the hardware components that we should have in perfect condition, since we can spend hours playing and, therefore, it will be working for a long time.

Optimize Windows

After seeing all our PC in terms of hardware and updates, in addition to knowing the Games Mode, the next steps would be to configure the system so that it gives us the maximum of its performance to play.

Enable Maximum Performance

Power plans allow us to adjust the performance of the computer, so we will have to modify it and achieve the maximum. For that we must do the following.

  • Let’s go to Control Panel, writing it in the task bar and selecting it in the window that appears.
  • Then we enter Hardware and sound, to select later Energy options.
  • At the bottom we have to select High performance.

Windows Power Profiles

There is also a Maximum Performance plan, but it is only present on Microsoft operating system workstations. To access it you have to do the following.

  • We write in the taskbar CMD and when it comes out, right click and select Administrator.
  • Then we write the following and give the Enter.
    • powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61
  • So we go back to the part of control panel power and this new plan should appear Maximum performance.

Disable effects

We can limit the effects and transitions of the Redmond operating system, since they consume a lot of resources, which we need for our video game. To do this, we must do the following:

  • Let’s go to the Advanced system settings, writing it in the task bar and opening what we get.
  • In the tab Advanced Options click on Setting from Performance.
  • In the new window we have to click on Adjust for best performance. This will disable all the boxes at the bottom.
  • It only remains to click on To accept.

Tweak Windows 10 performance

Disable programs at startup

Many programs start as soon as you turn on the computer and take up memory, not having to be there in the background. So we are going to disable them.

  • We enter the Windows Task Manager (Control + Shift + Esc) and go to the tab Start.
  • Now we must deactivate everything that is not programs that the system uses to function like drivers and this type of thing. We will only disable those that we are completely safe.

Disable automatic updates

If Microsoft software starts to download updates that will cause the system to have less performance, so we must deactivate them so that they do not interfere with our game.

  • We came in Setting with the keys Windows + I.
  • We are going to Update and security and then to Windows update.
  • Click on Advanced Options.
  • Now we are inside Upgrade options and we should to disable the first three options.
    • Receive updates on medium-duty connections.
    • Download updates on medium-duty connections
    • Reboot this device as soon as possible when a reboot is required to install an update.

Advanced Options

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