This is how the compatibility with Windows 11 Android apps works

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Windows 11

As you probably already know, Windows 11 was presented today with many new features. In this case, Microsoft’s new operating system is here to stay as an evolution of what Windows 10 is at present, despite the fact that the company commented upon arrival that the system would remain the same and would be launching periodic updates to improve it.

Many of the new features in Windows 11 are not entirely recent, as a beta version was leaked not too long ago that allowed us to get in touch with the new operating system. However, we did not know everything, because there are aspects such as compatibility with applications of the Android operating system that many did not expect, and in this article we are going to show you how it works.

Microsoft and its great news: Windows 11 is compatible with Android applications

As we mentioned, Microsoft has already officially announced the compatibility of Windows 11 with Android apps. In this way, if the catalog of programs and games for Windows was already quite extensive, now it will be even more so if we take into account that the entire market of Android applications and games is added, designed in principle for smartphones and tablets.

This will be possible due to the compatibility of the operating system with applications in the APK that you can install on your device, but everything will be even easier thanks to a new agreement between Microsoft, Intel and Amazon, through which you can get your favorite applications directly from the Windows application store.

Android apps on Windows 11

This is how the compatibility with Windows 11 Android apps works 1

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To download these applications, Windows 11 will not have Google Play, but it will have the Amazon Appstore, which in this case would have been integrated on top of Microsoft’s own application store. In this way, when searching for an application or game in the store, it will automatically be searched in the Amazon Appstore, being able to download easily and without leaving the Microsoft Store.

Thus, Windows 11 takes another leap in terms of compatibility and flexibility, as applications like TikTok will arrive instantly to said operating system, as well as all the games available on Android. What’s more, the new applications that are published in the Amazon Appstore can also be downloaded in Windows, being much more useful on many occasions.