This is how Google improves GPS location accuracy on Android

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The operation of GPS in cities is somewhat more complex, as surely many users in Spain have noticed on occasion. To be able to obtain the location accurately, the mobile needs to have visibility with various satellites, something complicated in urban areas with a high population density. This makes the location not always accurate. Fortunately, Google has been working on improvements for some time.

In fact, the firm now presents the solution with which they expect improve GPS location of apps on Android to use it in the cities. Thanks to it, Google would put an end to problems in the location, such as Maps putting us at a point on the map where we really are not.

Google improves GPS in cities

Google improves GPS accuracy

The company has used the 3D mapping of buildings from Google Maps, GPS measurements and machine learning. In this way, a kind of module has been created within the Google Play Services aimed at correcting the precision in the measurements of your location in the city, so that it will show your real position at that specific moment. Thanks to this improvement, the curb jump is expected to be reduced in 75% of cases.

For this to work, Google services will have to download the 3D data of the buildings in your city. Data for some 3,850 cities around the world are available, those cities in which the firm has mapped its buildings. We find among them the main cities of Europe, as well as others in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, and South Africa.

In addition, these improvements will apply both when use GPS as one of its alternatives (GLONASS, Galileo …) of which we have already spoken to you previously. The improvement is something that can only be noticed on routes on foot, it is not something that will be able to be used or that introduces improvements on routes that are carried out in a vehicle.

This is how Google improves GPS location accuracy on Android 1

Google has released a new version of this optimization module for the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a in its December Feature Drop. It is expected that mobiles with Android 8.0 Oreo and higher will be able to enjoy these improvements early 2021. Thus, you can enjoy greater precision in the GPS location in cities.

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