This is how Google Home will improve the link with smart devices

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This is how Google Home will improve the link with smart devices 1

The Google Home application has introduced many new features in Spain in recent months. The multimedia controls have improved significantly, as well as being able to control your presence at home with it. The process of configuring a smart device with the Google assistant with the app is not always simple or fast, luckily, this is going to change.

The linking process becomes simpler thanks to the launch of two new features in the Google Home app. These new functions are aimed at helping the user to configure those devices with the wizard in a simpler and faster way.

New features in the Google Home app

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The functions App Discovery and Deep Linking are the news that arrive at the Google Home app and seek to help users in this linking process. These new features are also released for smart device developers, for them to use on their devices as well.

The first of the functions is App Discovery, which is a function that will allow Google Home to detect if the user has a home automation application installed. If this is the case, the main screen will show a suggestion for the user to connect or configure these devices directly. The process would be simpler and faster thanks to this detection.

App Discovery Google Home

On the other hand we find Deep Linking that will allow developers add a shortcut to your applications. This will allow the user to link that device with Google Assistant. When configuring a new device from the official app, this link can be continued using only the wizard.

These features will be released soon in the Google Home app, to make the linking process easier. Interested developers can contact Google to add this to your application. No release dates have been given for these features.

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