This is how Google helps improve the quality of Android apps

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Google quality Android apps

The selection of Android applications available in Spain is huge, although their quality is not always as desired. Google seeks to improve the quality of applications continuously, for this reason, they have created a list of recommendations for developers, which they will also update on a quarterly basis.

Google points out that user expectations have increased over time, due to which developers have to ensure that their applications work correctly. This listing published by the company includes a series of recommendations to improve the quality of applications.

Google will help improve the quality of apps

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Build quality apps is the name that Google has given this list of recommendations for developers. In this list we have six sections, where there are tips and recommendations, which will be updated every quarter. The first version for the first quarter of this year is the one they have already published on their website.

It is a fairly extensive list, with a huge amount of recommendations for application developers, which you can consult at this link. We find various aspects as the application functionality, the visual experience, the performance and stability of the app, its security, the way it is presented in the Play Store and more. These are the aspects that developers have to take into account. Some of the recommendations that we find are:

  • The application requests a minimum number of permissions.
  • Those apps over 10 MB in weight must be able to be installed in the SD memory.
  • Notifications must not include advertising.
  • You should not play audio with the screen off unless it is an essential function of the app.
  • The included graphics must not be pixelated.
  • The app must be stable and not fail to function.
  • Private data is saved in the internal storage of the app.

Google criteria improve quality apps

Google also includes a list of test procedures that allows developers to perform the basic checks with which discover possible problems in the app. It is an initiative that seeks to improve the quality of the applications available for Android devices in the Play Store, but it will be necessary to see if it is something that works or not.

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