This is Google’s new Weather and Gboard interface

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As we say, Google is implementing new designs for its weather and keyboard application, although it has not yet reached all users. At the moment it is in beta, but over time these updates will begin to reach the rest of the customers.

New look of Weather

new weather look

First of all, it must be said that this tool is little known by users, since it is “hidden” in the Google app itself. Since this service was launched five years ago, the Californian company had not changed its appearance in recent times. This renovation of the design shows us first the location in which we are, and below we can access three different tabs to check the weather: Today, Tomorrow Y 10 days.

On the other hand, the old burger menu has been replaced. Now, we meet on the one hand with the profile iconl of our account in the upper right, and below we have a drop-down menu to change the temperature units, as well as the option to add this service to the home screen of our terminal.

We can also visualize animated images that vary depending on the current climate, and below we have a white status bar where it shows us the day, the maximum and minimum temperature and the forecast for the day. This has not changed much, and neither has the hourly time, which follows a blue line. Finally, it also includes extra data on possible weather variations, such as rainfall or wind.

Without too many changes in Gboard

new look gboard

Recently, Gboard has been released to smartwatches Wear OS, in which you can see a fairly obvious renewal of the interface. Now, little by little it is also reaching the phones, although to a lesser extent. This is because the arrival of Android 12 is getting closer and closer, and that is why they have decided to update the design of Material You, the evolution of Material Design.

While the key ? 123 it had no outline and the key Enter It was a rectangle with rounded edges, with the new design we can see that both have adopted a capsule shape, like the space bar. These new forms will also be extended to other third-party applications with the Android 12 update. But do not be alarmed, since these will reach previous operating systems. It will not be exclusive to Pixel devices either, so the logical thing is that most devices that support this software received it.