This is Funimate, a video editor with effects and music

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The application is free and we can find it in the Google Play Store. Funimate video and video clip editor has more than 10,000,000 downloads on Google Play and is compatible with Android versions equal to or greater than Android 5.0. Although it is a free app, it includes purchases within it as we will explain in the next few paragraphs.

Funimate: video editor and video clip effects
Funimate: video editor and video clip effects

First steps

The first thing that Funimate allows us to do is create an account or log in. But you can also continue without registering. In fact, the application invites you to continue using it without registration if you are not of legal age to join the social network (thirteen years old according to US law). Funimate Guest Mode You have to bear in mind that you will not be able to share the videos you make directly on social networks but you will be able to access all the functions offered by the application so, in principle, you will not have any problem.

The second thing that Funimate will tell us is whether or not we want to pay the Pro version: for 7.99 euros per month or for 4.58 euros per month if we pay the annual option. Both with seven days of free trial. But if you are not interested in any of this, just tap on the “x” in the upper left corner of the application and continue exploring the video editor features.


Micropayments in the app

Please note that the application may used for freea, but there will be many blocked effects that you will not be able to use unless you pay for it in one of the Pro versions it offers. Although many effects or options are not available, the range of possibilities is very wide so we will not miss anything when creating our videos in Funimate.

A peculiar “TikTok”

The first thing we will see in Funimate is that it remembers TikTok in its social network format. The first tab that we will find is “Featured” and we can go scrolling down to jump from one video to another and go from one creation to another. The lower part also reminds us of the popular Musicaly app: We can go to “Home”, add our own video or access my profile (if you have previously created it) to see your uploaded videos.

Feed Funimate

Create and edit videos

To create videos, as in the aforementioned TikTok, we must give the “+” from the center of the screen. And we will then find three different options:

  • Record a video
  • Edit video
  • Select template

You can edit a video you already have or record it from scratch like we do on Instagram Stories or Snapchat, for example. Or grab a video from the gallery to take advantage of the editor’s options and enhance anything you have previously created.

Create Videos

Video edition

Funimate has all video editor tools that we can look for in an application like this: we can make drawings on the screen that we can later animate, we can add effects and filters, We can change the colors of the video or choose just a few seconds in which we want it to change color … We can mix, divide, multiply, trim. It is an app with many possibilities and with a very easy-to-use interface, which makes it the ideal tool for teenagers or for those who only want a video editor for their content on TikTok, but not a social network.

Funimate effects

Record Videos

The operation is identical to the Instagram Reels and TikTok when recording videos: you hold down the record button for a few seconds so that the app is recording. Releasing it creates another clip. You can choose local or Funimate audios and you can choose between five different speeds (slow, slow, normal, fast, lapse) Once you have recorded all the clips you want up to fifteen seconds, you can edit. You can create as many as you want to get jump effects, vanish effects or to change scenery or clothes. Once we have all of them we simply have to click on “next” to make it work as a set to which we can add music, add effects, add text …

Record Funimate Videos

The tools at this point are identical as if we had taken a video from the gallery: we can add motion effects and combine them as we want: you have to keep the icon of the effect pressed so that it is applied to those specific seconds.

Social network and editor

Once we have the video, we can save it in our projects or share it directly on social networks if we have them previously linked to the application. If we have an account, we can upload it to the app itself where we will have to choose a series of tags so that other users discover our creations through a hashtag system where we can increase popularity.

The main advantage that Funimate offers us is that it is a very complete video editor that allows us to create spectacular videos in just a few seconds without resorting to complex apps. On the other hand, it is a social network with a community of millions of users so we can have an alternative to TikTok where to continue growing or developing our creativity